14 Inimitable Beaches In South Goa That You Must Visit

AGONDA BEACH south goa

South Goa is known for its beautiful, serene and magnificent beaches. Everything you wanted to know about the best beaches in South Goa to spend quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. India’s sunshine state ‘Goa’ possesses 105 km of strewn and spectacular beaches with the endless blissful beach setting. South Goa is a green paradise and has its own niche with fewer crowds.

Known for its picturesque beaches and joyful life, here you can relax and enjoy the elegant sunset view which will provide an ultimate source of amusement. You can also avail of sunbathing at the beaches. This dainty combination of land and water at a single place will sweep you off your feet. You can experience everything from parties to the casinos; the flea markets to the beach shacks and the trip are guaranteed to be memorable.

Choosing the most magnificent beach in Goa can represent a struggle so I have attempted to bring forward the best beaches in South Goa:

Best Beaches in South Goa


MOBOR BEACH - beaches in south goa

Famous for its purity and soft sand, Mobor beach is the ultimate destination for parties, water sports, and other activities. At this place, the River Sal surrounds the beach from all the sides and meets the Arabian Sea on the other side. You can enjoy cruising here on the river Sal, practice water sports or go on biking, dolphin and bird tour.

The glooming lilies, sun-bleached sand crystals burning the feet, coconut palms and sandy dunes adds charm to this picturesque place. The snaking rivulets of the water on to the quite sand let you relax at the beach watching the beautiful sunset. Beach Cafes offers inexpensive food and drinks to their customers along with free umbrellas and deck-chairs.

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Enclosed in tall coconut palm and bamboo beach huts, the ring of the beach offers a magnificent view of the picture perfect territory. Being famous for its calm water and nightlife, you can listen to the waves crashing onto the sand. Do try Arunachala Yoga Retreat for generating sheer energy within you at the Palolem beach.

On the beach, you can either wear your swimwear or dress yourself like locals. You will experience everything here from canyoning, trekking to getting an ayurvedic massage to pamper yourself. It is considered to be one of the best beaches in South Goa.

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Located between Utorda and northern side of Betalbatim beach, this beach is the ultimate destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Majorda Beach garners much attention from Russia, and this is the reason you will find a variety of Russian food and drinks on their menu. You can also enjoy the bakery, toddy seafood which remains another center of attraction of this place.

If you ever come here during winters, do not forget to attend the Christmas Carnival that is held here every year. You can enjoy water sports here with family and friends. Try going on long walks at the place or you can just sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing view around you.

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VARCA BEACH south goa

This is a narrow beach with burning sand in some place enclosed by palms and casuarinas trees. The sea song of the waves will soothe you with the peaceful environment. You will feel like you are in a paradise where seagulls are flying beneath your feet. It is well noted that Varca beach being beautiful, exotic and cozy combines all the advantages of the beaches in South Goa.

If you are a peace loving person this beach is for you. While on the beach the smell of the seafood will lure you. You can enjoy jet skiing, water skiing, speed boating, and windsurfing. The nightlife of Goa will render you a lifetime experience.



Cavelossim beach lying in South Goa is an extraordinary place to see the sunsets. This place is relaxing and refreshing with few tourists visiting this place. The sea here looks like a rippling blanket of the brochure. The slurpy slapping of the sea is muted a metronomic murmur. The black lava rocks add color to this place and are enclosed in Palm and Casuarina trees. The water is as clean as crystal and is safe for swimming.

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You can sit back in a shack with just a drink under the umbrella while your kids play in the sand. The dolphin viewing trips, bird watching, and river cruising will be an absolute treat for you. You will find a sun deck on the beach where you will find people tanning themselves. It is without doubt one of the most popular beaches in south Goa.



This small beach represents a combination of both serenity and a lively environment and thus it encourages many tourists throughout the year. You will find rollers of the gem-blue water dashing the sand. You can completely relax around the shacks or go for water sports activities like wind surfing and water skiing.

If you are more of a laid back person you can try and spot the dolphins from the coastline or go for the dolphin spotting rides. This place is generally crowded during autumns. The smell of the exquisite sea cuisines at the beachfront food joint is certain to tempt you.

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Betalbatim Beach is an idyllic beach with a radius of 1 km and slops down to the Arabian Sea. This beach has successfully retained its native beauty and is the most popular beach. This beach is clean and secluded which is best for you to relax and enjoy your continental and Konkani food.

Strolling down the beach in the morning and evening will provide you with an overwhelming sense of feeling and will rejuvenate you. Walk on the enchanting paradise and feel the connection with nature. During the day you can visit the church Margao and Vasco de Gama or the Japanese Garden which offers a jaw-dropping view of both the island and the Arabian Sea.


AGONDA BEACH south goa

Is there anything quite and blissful as an amble by the seashore? This isolated place in south Goa is a combination of beauty, peace, silence and pristine. The beach attracts loners and nature lovers and you will find lovely beach fringed with Palms and casuarinas. The scenic beauty and the golden sand of the beach will help the stress to evaporate.

Go for an adventurous swim and enjoy a chilled beer later or relax and enjoy the glorious sunset. The serenity and calmness of the beach are beyond comparison and you can spend the entire night watching the starry sky and crashing waves. It is one of the best beaches in south Goa for people who prefer calm and quite surroundings.

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COLVA BEACH south goa

The pulsing heart of the sea causes a gentle swell of the waves cascading onto the shore to have that ancient alchemy of purr-and-pound. This is a well-known place for its beaches, food, pub, and bars. This place maintains a connection with Portugal as you will find a number of buildings with their architecture and elegance.

At this beach, you will be offered a number of water sports. If you are an adventure lover try snorkeling, speed boat riding, para-sailing, jet skiing, banana rides and motor rides. Do not forget trying paragliding as it will give you the best experience of your life. Enjoy bathing, sea-side walking, and sand palace making.

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This beach starts at the end of Colva beach and is known to be the quietest beach in the region. You look around, and you admire the Feng Shui perfection of the beach. This beach is glorious among the fishermen and is normally crowded during the weekends and on evenings. Being blessed with an excellent climatic condition this place is a must visit for all.

You will find helpers around the beach for drinks and snacks. If you are over here during the rainy season do attend the feast of St. John the Baptist or Sao Joao. During this feast, you will find young men singing while being dressed in fruits and leaves for gifts.


BETUL BEACH south goa

Located on the south of Mobor beach this is an incredibly attractive and fascinating place mainly for the couples looking for solitude and loneliness. The Yachts rolling in the distant rock cradle like and again you get the feeling that the sea wants to lull you to sleep. The refreshing breeze adds to the charm and compels you to forget all the worries in life.

You can enjoy the jaw-dropping view of the mesmerizing Mobor resort and the ocean. You will find a number of restaurants nearby serving the most delicious cuisines of fresh seafood. Locals in this place often rent their place to stay and this helps in getting a proper look at their culture and lifestyle.



Watch the sea buzzing with its dormant strength in the Butterfly Beach. This is a hidden gem filled with adventure stunning views and a great aquatic life. The beach has an aura of serenity and bliss which will make your trip offering a more nostalgic experience. With millions of butterflies flying over the hill, the acrobatics of the dolphin, goldfishes, and crabs, you will consider yourself more connected with nature.

After enjoying the marine life sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunset basking into glory. Go for Canoe riding along the tiny streams, boat riding, rock climbing, and trekking. Although it is one of the lesser known beaches in south Goa, but it is definitely worth visiting.


PATNEM BEACH south goa

Backed by the relaxed beach shacks, Patnem beach is an alternative to the Palolem Beach in the north. The dreamy sea is its own master and hosts lively surf some days making it great for swimming. The beach is sun-drenched with soft sand with plenty of good restaurants for you to enjoy your meal and watch the gorgeous sunset.

Walking on the beach and suffering a refreshing dip represent a sheer bliss. The weather is scorching throughout the year. You can go to Bamboo Yoga retreat where you will find an enormous range of flexible yoga classes. Lie on the beach and enjoy the sunset or go swimming if you come here.


POLEM BEACH south goa

Situated in South Goa, Polem beach is the last beach of the Canaconaa region. It is about 700 m long with luminous golden sand enclosed in high palm trees. The view of the ocean is alluring, and the humming of the wave’s song will beguile you. You will find a number of seabirds circling in the crystal blue sky.

With no fishermen around you will nevertheless find seafood drinks and other refreshments. You can engage yourself in the sunbath and swim in warm sea water. The footprints in the sand will follow you till home and you will enjoy a transcendental experience.

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