11 Best Lakes in Udaipur That You Must Visit

Badi Lake udaipur

Udaipur in Southern Rajasthan is a famous heritage destination of India and also used to be the capital city of Mewar during the reign of the Rajputs. The city is famous in the world as the ‘City of Lakes’ due to its array of stunning crystal clear lakes each having unique scenic beauty. Here, you will read about the 11 most beautiful lakes in Udaipur.

On top of that, the city is guarded by the beautiful Aravalli mountain ranges, which enhances the scenic view of the lakes 100 times more turning them into a natural paradise.

Each lake consists of several beautiful islands with brilliant heritage structures, lush green royal gardens, parks, and many other important attractions. So, to make your trip happening, here are the 11 most beautiful lakes in Udaipur that you should not miss at any cost.

Stunning Lakes in Udaipur

Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar Lake udaipur

It is a famous lake of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan, constructed in 1960. The lake has derived its name from the king of Mewar- Maharana Fateh Sagar. The lake is also counted among the four famous lakes that make the Udaipur city.

It is a humanmade lake that is created by three small islands. The first island is famous as the Nehru Park housing a boat-shaped restaurant.

The second island is famous for the beautiful public park having gorgeous water jet fountains, and the third island is famous for having the solar observatory which is a renowned destination in the entire Asian continent and the also the best solar observatory in Asia.

The shape of the lake is like a pear surrounded by mountains on all three sides while the water is crystal clear and blue in colour giving a mesmerizing scenic view. Visitors can go for an amazing boat ride to explore the beautiful lake and have breathtaking views of the Aravalli mountain ranges.

Pichola Lake

Pichola Lake udaipur

It is the prime attraction of Udaipur city that is humanmade and was built in 1362 AD. The lake has got its name for the Picholi village. It is famous among the tourists for housing the two jewel attraction of Udaipur- Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir.

It is the largest lake of Udaipur city and famous among the tourists for its painted scenic beauty. The ambience of the lake is extremely smooth and serene that will give immense peace to your heart and soul.

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The lake comprises of multiple islands one of which have the beautiful luxurious Lake Palace or Jag Mandir, and another island has the beautiful Lake Garden palace which is also an architectural splendour, other island houses the Arsi Villa from where Maharanas used to watch the sunset.

The lake is also famous for housing Mohan Mandir where Maharanas used to celebrate Gangaur festival. Pichola Lake is also famous for its awe-inspiring sunset view and has special sunset boat rides to let the tourists enjoy the view. Take a boat or Shikhara ride to explore the heavenly beauty of the lake.

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Badi Lake

Badi Lake

It is a renowned human-made freshwater lake situated in Udaipur city of Rajasthan. The lake was constructed during the period of 1652 to 1680 by Maharana Singh I in order to fulfil the shortage of food in ancient times.

It is less poplar among tourists compared to the other lakes of Udaipur but is equally beautiful having clean royal blue water washing away the foot of Aravalli Mountains.

The lake, apart from its picturesque scenic beauty, also helps adventure lovers to enjoy a wonderful trekking experience through the undulated mountain road to its top from where the scenic view of the surrounding mountain ranges and the lake is magical.

The total area covered by the lake is 155 sq.km; stretching over a length of 180 meters and a breadth of 18 meters. The lake provides a breathtaking boating ride to the tourists along with great opportunities for Photography and video film shooting.

It is a must-visit site for all visitors to witness it’s out of the world scenic beauty and to rejuvenate amidst the beautiful surroundings.

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Udai Sagar

Udai Sagar - lakes in udaipur

The lake is among the five famous lakes of Udaipur built in the year 1565 by Maharana Udai Singh. The lake was constructed in order to meet the water supply of the area. Maharana Udai Singh also constructed a dam for this lake on Berach River in order to channel the overflowing water flow during the monsoon season.

The scenic beauty of the lake is mesmerizing being guarded by green Aravalli Mountains on all sides along with two gorgeous islands on its waterbody and several marvellous palaces in its embankment, acing the beauty of the location.

Also, in this lake Man Singh invited Maharana Pratap Singh to discuss Akbar’s surrendering terms and conditions. But, Maharana Pratap refused the invitation and insulted Man Singh which further led to the battle of Haldighati in the year 1576.

The lake consists of beautiful walkways to take a stroll and enjoy its serene beauty. Tourists can also enjoy boating in this beautiful lake. The lake is famous for being the popular weekend destination in Udaipur.

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Swaroop Sagar

Swaroop Sagar lake udaipur

It is a human-made lake in Udaipur that has got its name from one of the ruling emperors in Udaipur- Maharana Swaroop Singh. He constructed this lake in the period of 1842 to 1861.

It is located at the back of Jagdish Temple in close proximity to Chandpole and Rangsagar. The lake is also interconnected with Fateh Sagar and Pichola Lake forming a missed water body known as Kumharia Talab.

The aim behind the creation of the lake was to avoid flood by maintaining the high water level of its adjoining partners. Udaipur lakes are mainly used for the groundwater recharge, agricultural and industrial use.

Swaroop Lake also serves the same purpose by maintaining the water balance thereby reducing water congestion. Swaroop Sagar sees fewer tourists crowds as many visitors don’t know about this lake.

It is like a hidden gem of the city which is slowly gaining popularity. It can be reached by city buses, auto rickshaws as well as Tongas.

Dhoodh Talai

Dhoodh Talai - lakes in udaipur

It is a small lake come pond that lies next to Pichola Lake in Udaipur close to Siva Niwas palace. The lake has a heavenly scenic beauty surrounded by hills, green vegetation and beautiful floating palaces with gardens amidst the water body.

The lake houses the famous Karni Mata temple- the milky white goddess on one of its hilltop that serves as a major pilgrimage site in Rajasthan having high religious value.

Other beautiful attractions are the Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park and the fabulous Manikya Lal Verma garden. The small Doodh talai with its adjacent beautiful partner Pichola Lake gives a mesmerizing scenic view to the visitors for the two waterbodies along with the breathtaking surroundings all around.

Visitors can visit the above-mentioned attractions by this lake and also enjoy a ropeway tour from Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park to Karni Mata Temple that serves as a 4 minute’ visual treat of the magical surroundings for the visitors. They can also enjoy boat rides and jungle safari at a 3.5km distance from the lake.

Purohito ka Talab

Purohito ka Talab

This is a new found tourist attraction in Udaipur located at a distance of 12km from the city area. The talab or lake is located in the region of Amberi Panchayat that is famous all over Rajasthan as the mini Jaisalmer.

The lake has a stunning scenic beauty surrounded by the Aravalli mountain ranges in all sides covered in the blankets of lush green vegetation standing brightly against the royal blue waters of the lake.

Having gorgeous landscapes in front of the lake area, people can proceed to towards the lake following the array of stairs leading to the waterbody. It also houses multiple orange Chhatris which are a four-pillared decorative arched roof like structures having a dome and Shikhara at regular intervals by the lake.

Standing there gives you a captivating view of the surrounding areas, and the waterbody and the structures also give a royal look to the lake area. The destination has been converted by the Udaipur forest department into a biodiversity zone.

Goverdhan Sagar

Goverdhan Sagar lake udaipur

This is another new destination that has been recently added to the tourist attractions in Udaipur. The lake is situated in the southern tip of the city which sees the overflowing waters of Pichola Lake every monsoon.

From the past years, the lake has been a garbage depository with tons of filthy substance filled in its connecting way to Pichola Lake. But, it has been in the last year 2018 with a continuous hard work of 45+ days to make its waterbody crystal clear like the other lakes of Udaipur.

Last time the lake was cleared back in the period of 1973 to 74, and after that, this is the next clearance making it garbage and filth free. Now, the site has become beautiful, just like the other Udaipur attractions. A construction of City Park is in the plan by its water banks to make the site entertaining for the visitors.

The lake area has been given attractive walkways for relaxation, strolling and jogging. Now, it has become a famous rejuvenating spot for the local people and slowly for the tourists as well.

Madar (Chota-Bada)

Madaar lake udaipur

This is another famous lake of Udaipur located at an 18km distance from the main city area. The lake has two parts- One known as Bada Madar and the other one known as Chota Madaar.

Both of the lakes reside in the Madaar Village region and have two distinct tracks to reach each of them. The Bada Madaar Lake occupies an area of 8780.48 hectares, while the Chota Madar Lake covers an area of 2987.23 hectares.

The waterbody of the Bada Madaar Lake is around 2.75km in length and 1.5 km in breadth. The capacity of the Bada Madaar Lake is around 2.38 million cubic meters.

The famous Fateh-Sagar lake of Udaipur receives water supply from both of these waterbodies through the Madaar Canal. The scenic beauty of both lakes is impressive surrounded by Aravalli mountain ranges with green trees and vegetation.

The destination is excellent for trekking and also for organizing family picnics. Other famous attractions by the lake are- Amba Devi Temple, Hanuman ji Temple, and Bholenath temple.

Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake udaipur

It is a famous humanmade lake of Udaipur and also the second largest lake in India. Jaisamand Lake is a significant tourist attraction in Udaipur covering an area of 87 sq.km.

It is a 17th-century lake that was created by Rana Jai Singh when he constructed the marble dam on Gomati River. The dam of Jaisamand Lake is also famous in Udaipur having a Shiv Mandir and is of huge size measuring around 1202 feet lengthwise, 70 feet breadthwise and 116 feet height wise.

The lake is also called Dhebar Lake and features seven islands among which the biggest island is known as ‘Bhabaka Bhagra’ and the second biggest one as ‘Piari’. The lake is also home to various migratory birds being located close to Jaisamand Sanctuary.

The scenic beauty of the lake is eye feasting having a vast expansive open courtyard with 12 pillared marques from where the lake looks heavenly, and the views o Aravalli mountain ranges are highly captivating. It is a must-visit attraction for every traveller in Udaipur.

Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand Lake udaipur

It is a 17th-century lake located close to Rajsamand area in Rajasthan. The lake covers a length of 6.4 km, a breadth of 2.82 km and a depth of 18 meters. The lake is very famous in Udaipur and is among its five popular lakes.

It was constructed in 1660 by Maharaja Rana Singh. The lake has a mesmerizing scenic view of the Aravalli mountain ranges, surrounding greeneries, heritage structures and looks glamorous feature marble terraces with stone steps leading to the main water body in the southern part of the lake.

It also features five decorative arched structures where Maharana Raj Singh used to conduct the ceremony of Tuladan.

In that ceremony, Maharajas used to sit on the weighing machine on one side with heaps of gold on the other side to balance the weight of the gold as per his own weight and further the golds are distributed to Brahmins.

The ambience of the lake is very refreshing and perfect destination to unwind yourself in the beautiful surroundings.

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