Best Nightlife Options in Goa for Singles – The Ultimate Guide

Re FRESH Club - goa nightlife for singles

Goa is undeniably the most celebrated beach destination in India. This place is the paradise to all party lovers. Blessed with sun-kissed beaches and dotted with dazzling nightclubs, Goa is ready to rock your holiday with loads of fun. Read on to know about the best nightlife options in Goa for singles.

Doesn’t matter whether you have your partner with you or not, Goa is not going to disappoint you when it comes to party all night.

Best Nightlife Options in Goa for Singles

Apart from pulsating clubs and shacks, Goa is also famous for its vibrant flea markets. Take a look at the most famous ones from the lot.

Famous Night Markets in Goa

Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market

nightlife options in goa for singles

Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market is surely the most happening shopping destination in Goa. This market is located at Arpora, North Goa and it is about 4.3 Kms far from Anjuna Beach and 3.7 Kms away from Baga. The market remains open between 4 pm and 11 pm every Saturday during the months of November to April.

There are many shops in this market operated by Europeans. This actually makes the ambience truly cosmopolitan and somewhat hippie. Both foreign and Indian tourists visit the market to buy spices, clothes, bags, handicrafts, leather items, junk jewellery and many more.

Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar

Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar

Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar is the miniature version of Arpora Night Market. Both of them are located at Arpora and separated by a walking distance of just 5 minutes.

This night market houses a hoard of small shops run by local vendors and it features a wide range of products at a much cheaper price compared to Arpora Saturday Night Market. Mackie’s Night Market is beautifully arranged and therefore it is way easier to spend hours to choose from its huge collection.

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Popular Beach Shacks in Goa To Enjoy Delicious Food at Night

After you have enough of sun, sea and sand; it is time to head for a place to eat. Goa is not just the ‘party capital’ of the country but it is the ‘Foodie’s Paradise’ too. When you are looking for some music and refreshments, Goa’s beach shacks are ready to welcome you.

Bobby’s Shack

nightlife options in goa for singles - bobbys shack

Bobby’s Beach Shack is one of the finest in Goa and you can find this stunning eating joint right at the Candolim Beach. This shack lets you experience Goa like a local and their freshly prepared dishes particularly the seafood are simply mouth-watering. Their signature items include Tiger Prawn Fry, Chicken Tandoori and of course the Goan Honeymoon Cocktail.

Staffs from Bobby’s Shack are probably the friendliest people you can spot on the beach. A meal for two at this beach shack will cost you anything between INR.800 – INR.1000 on average.

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Curlies Beach Shack

Curlies Beach Shack goa

When you are at Anjuna Beach and wiling to titillate your taste buds with some delicious dishes, head straight for Curlies Beach Shack. This place is known for its impressive menu and invigorating ambience. Curlies Beach Shack attracts both foreign and Indian tourists in equal numbers.

Once you are at Curlies, your ears will be filled with pulsating music and buzzing chattering sound of the crowd. Although this beach restaurant serves a variety of dishes but don’t forget to try their Pork Roast, Bacon Pizza and Shakshouka. The average cost of a meal for two at Curlies will be INR.1500.

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Café Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar - goa nightlife for singles

When you are interested in both music and food, then Café Del Mar is just the right place for you to order something to fill the tummy. This is basically a bar cum nightclub. So, party animals can come here at late night also to groove on some pulsating beats and to sip their favourite concoction.

Café Del Mar is surely the best restaurant from the shore that Palolem Beach can offer you. Diners love to place their order here for cocktails, beers, Noodles, Fish Fry and Calamari. A meal for two at Café Del Mar costs more or less INR.1000.

Try Your Luck in Goa’s Night Casinos

Do you know that Goa is one of those very Indian States where gambling is legal? Now when you know this, you must not hesitate from trying your luck at those glittery plush casinos on cruises, anchored on the Mandovi River.

Floating casinos dominate the gambling scene in Goa but there are many stunning on-shore casinos too. Here are the popular ones from the lot.

Crown Casino

Crown Casino - goa nightlife for singles

When you are willing to try your luck on the gambling tables while enjoying the scintillating views of the Mandovi River, there is no place better than the Crown Casino at Goa. This casino is housed on the first floor of Crown Hotel and offers one of the best luxury gambling experience to the guests.

What makes Crown Casino outshine its competitors is its clear glass walls on sides to offer a mesmerizing view of the Mandovi River. Apart from gaming options, Crown Casino treats the guests with a widespread of delightful gourmet meals.

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Casino Paradise

Casino Paradise goa

Casino Paradise is the largest onshore casinos in Goa. This luxurious gaming zone is positioned at the Hotel Neo Majestic in Pororvim. Managed by the Pride Group, Casino Paradise is surely the heaven for game lovers.

This meticulously designed casino flaunts the best-in-class interiors to offer guests with unmatched gambling experience in Goa. This place is also known for its high-end digital gaming options that will take your gambling experience to a whole new level.

Entry Fee to Casino Paradise is INR.1000 per person including unlimited buffet and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Groove and Dance at Goa’s Most Happening Night Clubs

Goa is the most sought-after party destination of the country and when you are enjoying your vacation at Goa, you simply can’t spend your nights locked in your hotel room.

Goa is considered to be the holy grail of holidays planned with friends but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a throbbing party scene alone. Check out the following clubs to have a blast at Goa.


Chronicle night club goa

If one nightclub in Goa that party-hoppers die to head for, it surely has to be the Chronicle at Vagator Beach. Since its debut in December 2013, Chronicle has quickly earned its fame as the most premier nightclub in Goa.

Erected against the spectacular backdrop of Vagator cliff, this multi-level club allows you to enjoy the great views of the sea and the beach. This place features an upscale cocktail bar, a multi-cuisine restaurant and an alluring open-air dancefloor. Sunset never looked so amazing like it looks from the Chronicle.


Re FRESH Club - goa nightlife for singles

It is impossible to imagine a Goa trip without venturing out in its nightclubs. North Goa is certainly the party paradise for all those who are ready to let the hair down on the dance floor. Re.FRESH Club at Morjim Beach is one of the best venues to have a great night in Goa.

This club organizes several dance and music party to entertain the guests with something unique which is hard to find any other nightclub from Goa. Apart from shaking your legs, you can just sit at your table with your favourite drink to witness the great zeal and amazing vibe of this place. It is definitely one of the best nightlife options in Goa for singles.

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Ash Arambol

Ash Arambol - goa nightlife

Ash Arambol, located at Arambol Beach, is an open-air art and entertainment site. This place is nothing like any other nightclub in Goa. If you are keen to spend the night by attending a live music concert or beholding some breathtaking dance performance, then come to Ash Arambol.

This place offers platforms for travellers to showcase their talent in front of the world. Under-the -star live music concert or art performance can only be relished at Ash Arambol in Goa. It is the venue to feel the magic of self-expression and live entertainment.

Leopard Valley

Leopard Valley goa

The Leopard Valley is the high-octane nightclub located at South Goa. This place is almost hidden inside a jungle quarry sending out a thrilling vibe to the party-hoppers.

This place is big enough to accommodate as much as 3000 people at a time. USPs of this nightclub include the 3D laser light shows, pulsating music, great food and performances by pyrotechnic artists.

Leopard Valley is the best venue for party-goers who are planning for a Friday night out like never before. The club opens its door for guests at 7pm and keeps it open till 4 in the morning.

Goa is an all-year-round destination that offers an intoxicating combination of sun, sand and dazzling nightlife. When you are willing to embark on a solo trip, then don’t think even twice to choose Goa as your next holiday destination.

Scintillating nightlife at Goa clubs is just waiting for you to take a deep plunge, to leave all your worries behind and to enjoy life to the fullest.

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