12 Best Places For Camping in Shimla

snow trails camp shimla

Camping in Shimla is ideal for those adventure lovers who are looking for a break from the tiring daily life routine and want to drown themselves in the world of nature. Shimla being the most beautiful hill station of India provides visitors the best of camping opportunities in its breathtaking valleys nestled between the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Camping in the hills is the best way to relax and spend some quality time with Mother Nature gazing at its beautiful creations. Starting from casual nature strolls to spine thrilling adventure activities, Shimla camps undoubtedly tops the list.

So let’s have a look at some of the popular campsites in Shimla loaded with adventure and fun.

Popular Places For Camping in Shimla

Give your busy life a perfect adventure break with the thrilling camping locations in Shimla.

Camping at Shoghi, Shimla

shoghi places for camping in shimla

Shoghi is a gorgeous mountain beauty in the state of Himachal Pradesh that lies at 14kms from Shimla. You can find a lot of temples and attractive sightseeing tourist destinations in this town, but what makes it special is the camping opportunities.

It is a 3 nights 4 days camping package amidst the breathtaking surroundings of the majestic Himalayas of Shimla accompanied by series of adventure activities like Trekking, Hiking, Rappelling, Peak-Climbing, River Crossing, Mountain Biking and the best of adrenaline rush activities.

The jungle tents of the camping in the middle of lush green vegetation of oak, rhododendron, and Cheddar makes you stay adventurous and thrilling. The exciting camping opportunity can be enjoyed by both nature lovers and adventure addicts with plenty of entertaining activities.


camping places in shimla narkanda

It is a breathtaking town in the state of Himachal Pradesh at a distance of 65 km from Shimla. The destination is located at a towering altitude of 8,100 feet from sea level. Narkanda has an amazing scenic beauty due to its gorgeous ridge which serves as the watershed between Sutlej and Guru river.

It offers amazing facilities for tent camping to the tourists followed by an adventurous trek to Hatu Peak. Narkanda Kudrat camp top serves as a paradise for the adventure lovers with spine thrilling opportunities for trekking tour, rock climbing, water rappelling, valley crossing and Day Hiking in its panoramic nature trails.

The camp provides all kinds of necessary amenities to the tourists like buffet meals, drinking water facility, indoor games and also makes the nights interesting with BBQ and bonfires. It is one of the famous camping areas in Shimla.

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junga places for camping in shimla

It is an administrative division of Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a mesmerising hilly gateway situated at a towering attitude of 5100 feet amidst the dense forests of pine, cheel, ban, and different other plant species, that are surrounded by the majestic snow-covered Himalayan Mountains all around.

The location is famous for its camping facilities due to which it attracts larger tourist crowds across the world. The camping tents lie at the top altitude of 5100 feet from the sea level between the dense forests.

There are around 20 tents for tourist accommodation in the area along with deluxe suites and attached washroom with each of them. The camp serves everything to the tourists from breakfast to dinners and exciting tours like trekking, hiking, nature walks, archery, rifle shooting, and many more adventure activities.

Having the Ashwini river flowing close to the camp and plenty of waterfalls located nearby, it also let tourists enjoy water rappelling and other adventure water sports.


camping sites in shimla mashobra

It is the biggest tourist attraction of Shimla that was established by Lord Dalhousie in 1850. The destination has a captivating scenic beauty dating back to the ancient era and also known for its green valleys with a peaceful, pure ambience.

Visitors can get to see varieties of British structures in this mediaval town and take a stroll in its narrow winding lanes with the beautiful Himalayan background. Mashobra provides extensive camping opportunities to the tourists making their stay extremely adventurous amidst the nature lap.

They can indulge in different activities during their stays like trekking, skiing, nature walks, rappelling, valley crossing, hiking, rope obstacles, flying fox, tree zumaring and various other hardcore adventures along with bonfire nights and complete lodging and food facilities.

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Famous Sites for Camping in Shimla

Snow Trails Camp

snow trails camp shimla

It is a famous camping location in Shimla lying at an elevation of 2250 meters from sea level on the way to Kurf-Chail route. Thee camping location looks extremely beautiful with the snow-capped mountain ranges in the background and the surrounding areas covered in dense forests of pine, oak and deodar trees.

The destination is situated at 18kms from Chail bus stop and 24kms from Chail sanctuary. The camping accommodation covers all kinds of modern amenities for the tourists having swiss tents and cabins with attached washrooms and even a verandah for relaxing amidst nature’s lap.

Visitors can have the opportunities of all kinds of entertaining activities from here like trekking, hiking, obstacle course, team building games, Burma bridge adventure, Flying Fox, Zip lining, Tarzan Swing, River crossing, Spider net, and many more adventures.

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Mashobra Greens

mashobra greens camping sites in shimla

It is a perfect camping site to spend time in the greens amidst the dense cedar forests that help visitors for perfect rejuvenation in the lap of nature. The destination has an amazing calmness in its ambience being located to the off side of the city, and hence tourists can enjoy the serenity of nature at its best in this location and involve themselves in different camping adventures.

Starting from the Sutlej River rappelling to rope coursing, rock climbing, skiing, trekking, Air gun shooting, Rafting, rappelling as well as star gazing, Mashobra offers all kinds of adventures to the tourists and amazing skiing opportunities while camping especially during the winter season.

It is the biggest camping adventure hub in Mashobra that lures plenty of tourists all over the world due to its exciting opportunities up the mountains.

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Camps Jungle Livinn

camps jungle livinn shimla

The jungle camp is situated at an elevation of 2,134 meters from sea level nestled in between the lavish pine forests covering a total area of 40000 sq.feet. The camp provides visitors with all kinds of accommodations like flat screen TV, AC rooms, coffee making amenities, as well as private washrooms with all necessary amenities.

The camps here make sure that the tourists have a luxury stay in the forests. Visitors get to enjoy everything from Swiss tents to luxury dining halls, and conference rooms.

The camps provide 24 hour support to the visitors and let them avail the opportunities of long nature walks, indoor games like Volleyball, basketball, table tennis, and adventure filled activities like Artificial wall climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, Rock climbing, Tarzan Swing, Valley Crossing and many more in the panoramic background of the Himalayas.

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Hail Himalayas Camps

hail himalayas camps shimla

It is one such area in Shimla that provides all season camping opportunities to visitors and takes them to the natural paradise with its captivating scenic beauty and thrilling activities. The environment of this camp location is clean and fresh and can be called a tiny portion of heaven on earth.

It is the best camping location in Shimla offering a row of adventure sports and activities like Mountaineering, Burma bridge adventure, wildlife trekking, and hiking, mountain biking, river crossing, paragliding, water rappelling, valley crossing, Ring walk, Rock climbing, Flying Fox and everything that offers the best kind of adventures.

It is an excellent place to rejuvenate from the crowded city life having cosy, spacious tents, comfortable sleeping bags and all kinds of luxury amenities required for the tourists along with lip-smacking meal service.

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Park Woods Shoghi

park woods shoghi camping site shimla

It is located at a distance from 18kms from Shimla in between the dense emerald green forests. It is an excellent hill resort covering an area of 20 acres that is divided into recreational, residential and public zones.

The camping facilities here provide luxurious accommodations for tourists in the form of cottages, deluxe tents, spacious dining hall, and recreational activities like bonfire nights, pottery making, bird watching, indoor and outdoor games to make the visitors stay more exciting.

The adventure enthusiasts can enjoy the best of adventure stuff here like picnics, forest hiking, trekking, mountain cycling, hammock relaxation, swings and various entertaining stuff for the kids too. It is an amazing destination in Shimla for family camping.

Jupiter Camps

jupiter camps shimla

This is one homely camp in Shimla covering an area of 2.5 acres of fruit plantation area around the campsite. The greenish surroundings of the camp provide a very relaxing experience for the tourist to sync themselves with the peaceful rhythm of nature.

The scenic beauty from its camp is extremely alluring having a view of mountains, fields, valleys dotted with colourful flowers and different kinds of big and small trees forming the lush green vegetation all around.

The camps provide all kinds of facilities to the tourists like cosy accommodations, 24 hours service, attached washrooms with all toiletries, indoor-outdoor games, doctors for emergencies and happening bonfire nights with mouth-watering BBQ and music. Tourists can go for local treks and enjoy all kinds of fun and adventure activities throughout the day.

Red Wood Camps

red wood camps shimla

It is a famous camping property located in the heart of Shimla that is a favourite of many leisure travellers. It is a great summer camp in Shimla to be enjoyed with family and kids. The camp consists of 1 deluxe cottage and 12 deluxe camps providing cosy accommodations with all necessary amenities.

The tents have well-decorated interiors with clean washrooms and offer everything from blankets, pillow, spring mattresses to bedsheets, luggage racks, and wooden furniture as well.

Visitors staying here can go for sightseeing, party the nights out with bonfires and music and spend the day time in different entertaining activities like Jumaring, Rappelling, trekking, white water rafting, rope adventures, parallel ropes, swings and lot of thrilling adventures.

It is among the luxurious camping stay in Shimla that is also booked for events like anniversaries, marriages, and other corporate function due to its bewitching scenic view amidst the Himalayas.

Wanderers Camps

wanderers camps in shimla

It is located close to Kufri in Gallu near Shimla at a distance of 16 kms. The camp is perfect for the nature lovers as it is situated between the dense forests and offers eye-arresting views of the Himalayan Mountains especially the snow covered Churdhar peak which is a sight to behold.

The campsite serves as an ideal picnic location housing different kinds of bird species chirping throughout the day. The camp facilitates the visitors to go for an exciting pony safari ride in its breathtaking sounding areas and the nearby villages which helps tourist to know about the Himachali culture, and lifestyle.

From super luxurious accommodation facilities to mouth-watering BBQs you get everything in Wanderer camps. There are kids camps, trekking camps, adventure camps separately serving as a hub of entertainment and fun. If you want to have some memorable jungle walks and forest treks, visit this camp in Shimla.

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Best time for camping in Shimla

Shimla provides camping opportunities for the visitors with a wide range of thrilling activities throughout the year except for monsoon. However, if you are looking for full-fledged camping fun, summers are best with pleasant weather among the greeneries to try out activities like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, river rafting, parallel rope etc. which in winters get too much risky and some are not available as well.

But if you are looking for crazy bonfire nights, forest trekking, skiing, nature walks, then winter makes the best choice between November to February. Numerous camping options in Shimla will provide you with all of these adventure thrills.

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