11 Best Places To Visit in Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar Temple - best places to visit in murudeshwar

Located at a distance of 54 km from Gokarna and about 489 km from Bangalore, Murudeshwar is a small town located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, in Karnataka. Read on to know about the best places to visit in Murudeshwar.

Murudeshwar is famous because it homes the world’s second-largest Lord Shiva statue. The Murudeshwar temple is also a renowned tourist spot and is itself a breathtaking view to enjoy because of its location.

Best Places To Visit in Murudeshwar

With a fort that dates back to the times of the Vijaynagar Kings and the breathtaking view of the beautiful turquoise Arabian Sea, Murudeshwar is a must-visit place if you are ready to witness the grandeur of the human historical architecture.

Here is a list of the popular places to visit in Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple - best places to visit in murudeshwar

Located on the Knaduka Hill and surrounded by the mighty Arabian Sea on its three sides, the Murudeshwar Temple is a treat for your eyes. It is a 20 storeyed gopura styled architecture and dedicated to Sri Lokankara or Lord Shiva.

Recently the temple authorities have built a lift along its side that offers a breathtaking view of the 123 feet Shiva statue from the top. The statue is uniquely designed so that the sunlight falling on it gives it a sparkling look. This temple is a must-visit if you are planning to go to Murudeshwar as it is the most popular tourist attraction spot here.

Netrani Island

best places to visit in murudeshwar - Netrani Island

Netrani Island is a coral island located about 19 km from the Murudeshwar temple. It is inhabited mostly by wild goats and pigeons and appears to be heart-shaped. Diving is very common here, and many groups arrange for scuba divings at the coral reefs. Along being the house to several coral species, it is also habitant to numerous butterflyfishes, parrotfishes, eels, and shrimps.

The island was previously used by the Indian Navy for target practice and as a result, one can still find unexploded bombs, shells, and craters here. Permission is needed to visit this island. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Murudeshwar.

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Statue Park

Statue Park - places to visit in murudeshwar

It is a beautiful green park crisscrossed with well-maintained lawns that are built encircling a 15 meter tall Shiva statue. It has numerous stone sculptures and flower species.

It has an artificial waterfall emerging from the large boulders of rocks and further creates small ponds that are inhabited by ducks.

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Murudeshwar Beach

Murudeshwar Beach

Murudeshwar beach is one of the most famous beaches in Karnataka. The tall Shiva Idol gives an air of spirituality to the beach. The beach is vast, and one care gaze at the horizon for eternity without being bored.

Being a famous beach, it offers nearly all the water sports, including water scooters, boating, diving, etc. it also provides temporary bathrooms for the tourists and is thus clean and neat.

With tranquil waters drowning the shore with each wave, Murudeshwar Beach is a must-visit.

Apsara Konda Falls

Apsara Konda Falls murudeshwar

Located at a distance of 500 meters from the Apsara Konda bus stop, the Apsara Konda Waterfall is a mesmerizing treat for your eyes. It is a small waterfall that falls from a height of about 10 meters into a small pond below. As this directly faces the sea, it appears like a lagoon and thus is a very popular photography site.

You can plan small dives here, though it is not much deep still one needs to be careful while getting in the waterfall.

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Murudeshwar Market

Murudeshwar Market

With numerous temples and sculptures surrounding the town, the Murudeshwar Market is abundant with various items that you can take back home as souvenirs for your loved ones.

There are tiny shops in the market that sells handicrafts, wall decors, miniature idols, jewelry boxes, jewelry and many more. You can also taste various local treats from the roadside shops and cafes.

Murudeshwar Fort

Murudeshwar Fort

This fort is said to be built by the famous Vijayanagara Kings. It is located just behind the Murudeshwar Temple and Shiva idol. This fort has often been said to be renovated by Tipu Sultan.

It appears to be green in colour due to the presence of green algae all over it and gives the fort a very nature-friendly look. It is a splendid view to enjoy and a photographer’s paradise.

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Jali Beach

Jali Beach - places to visit in murudeshwar

It is the most popular beach in Bhatkal and is popular for family retreats and solo travellers. There is a lighthouse that simply adds to the mesmerizing picturesque beauty of the beach. The beach is lined by the skyscraping coconut trees that border the beach from the vast tranquil Arabian Sea.

Carry your snacks and water if you are planning to visit this beach because there are very few shops available near this beach and as it is not commercialized much, there are very few restaurants and eat-aways.

Basavaraja Durga Fort

Basavaraja Durga Fort murudeshwar

Situated about 4 km away from Honnavar, the Basavaraja Durga Fort is located on an island that has an area of 19 hectares and elevation of 40-50 meters. It can be reached easily by boats or fishing trawlers.

The fort was built in 1690 by the Vijayanagar rulers and later captured by the Keladi ruler, Shivakka Nayaka. The fort is now in ruins and covered by moss and dry grass.

It is a beautiful treat for your eyes and offers a mesmerizing view of the nearby Arabian Sea. The fort is surrounded by a strong wall of laterite blocks which was meant to protect it from invasion.

Idagunji Ganapati Temple

Idagunji Ganapati Temple - places to visit in murudeshwar

This temple is located at about 14 km distance from Honnavar. It is one of the six temples of the Ganesha Coast. Like the Gokarna Ganesha temple, this also is dedicated to the deity Ganesha and houses a Ganesha idol that is about 83 centimetres in length and 59 centimetres in width.

The temple provides free lunch in the form of prasadam to its devotees every day. It is a very calm and serene place to enjoy along with its religious importance.

Mirjan Fort

places to visit in kumta - Mirjan Fort

Located at a distance of about 11 km from Gokarna, the Mirjan Fort finds its history back to 1608-1640 and was built by Queen Chennabhairadevi from the Tuluva-Saluva clan and ruled for about 54 years.

It is built on an area of about 4.1 hectares with laterite stones and has four entrances. The fort was mostly ruined but later restored by the Archaeological Survey of India and is said to be double-walled, have a darbar, secret passage, entry doors, and a market place.

It is a popular tourist spot and is a must-visit if you love ancient Indian history and historical monuments.

Best Time to Visit Murudeshwar

Winter is generally the best time to visit Murudeshwar. October to May remains an overall comfortable and colder time to explore this place.

As Maha-Shivratri is a very important and popular festival here, you can also plan your trip accordingly to experience the grandeur of the festival. This generally occurs between February and March.

How Many Days are Needed to Visit Murudeshwar

As Murudeshwar temple and the beaches are located nearby and most of the important visiting places are located close, 2 to 3 days would be enough to spend in Murudeshwar.

You can travel to the temples and forts within this time span. You can relax on the beaches and go for sightseeing without any rush.

How to Get to Murudeshwar From Gokarna

Murudeshwar is about 782 km from Gokarna and it takes about 1 and a half hours by car to reach there via the NH 66.

By Bus

You can always find a bus from Gokarna to Kumta and from Kumta you can board another bus to Bhatkal. It is the cheapest mode of transport to reach Murudeshwar from Gokarna and buses are available frequently.

You can take a cab from the drop at Bhatkal and reach the Murudeshwar Temple.

By Train

There are trains directly traveling from Gokarna to Murudeshwar. You can board on any of the three trains and reach Murudeshwar within 1 hour 02 minutes.

By Car

You can also hire private cabs and reach Murudeshwar from Gokarna. There are numerous agencies that offer exciting deals for trips to Murudeshwar from Gokarna.

What is Murudeshwar Famous For

Apart from the numerous beautiful temples, Murudeshwar is a beautiful location that is bound to impress you with its mesmerizing beaches and the turquoise Arabian Sea. Murudeshwar is famous throughout the world as it houses the world’s second tallest Lord Shiva’s idol that attracts millions of tourists every year.

Along with these, the beautiful islands, coasts, the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise, the hand-made souvenirs with a personalized touch, the delicious food and the kind local people make Murudeshwar a famous place to travel.

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