10 Best Places To Visit Near Dharamshala with Family & Friends

Prashar Lake near dharamshala

Dharamshala is known worldwide as the residential destination of Dalai Lama. It is a very beautiful hill station of India highly influenced by the Tibetian culture and a home to plenty of small and large monasteries in the hills. It is also a famous gateway to numerous breathtaking tourist places near Dharamshala.

It entertains the visitors in all aspects starting from gorgeous local sightseeing to religious tours, shopping and plenty of adventure activities that definitely adds a memory of a lifetime.

So, let’s have a look at the 10 highly captivating tourist places to visit near Dharamshala for amazing short trips.

Popular Places To Visit Near Dharamshala

Best Places To Visit Near Dharamshala Within 100 Km

Triund (8 Km from Dharamshala)

triund camping dharamshala

It is a jewel destination of Dharamshala and is situated in the Dhauladhar mountain ranges in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The hill station is located at the towering heights of 2,828 meters at the foothills of Dhauladhar ranges.

Triund is famous among the tourists for its amazing trekking facility that all adventure enthusiasts crave for in the states of Himachal Pradesh.

The trek can be taken by all kinds of adventure lovers whether professional or not offering some picturesque views of the high altitude valleys and surrounding areas which are hard to find in any other kind of treks.

Starting from the wild dense green forests of oak, rhododendron, and deodar to the gorgeous, rugged valleys of the higher altitudes the destination provides the best of forest and mountain trekking experiences.

The trekking is followed by camping nights and starts from Mcleodganj Base camp to Triund Top. In short, the destination is an adventure paradise for all visitors in its eye-arresting scenic surroundings.

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Kangra Fort (23 Km from Dharamshala)

Kangra fort places to visit near dharamshala

It has a heritage location situated at a distance of 20 kms from Dharamshala. The fort covers an area of 463 acres. It was constructed by the Katoch family descendant, Maharaja Susharma Chandra and dates back to 3,500 years.

The fort was built by Maharaja to protect his kingdom after he defeated Trigarta. The fort is an impressive structure from the past history consisting of courtyards, doors, temples and majestic gateways to relive the historical days from the ancient period.

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The main entrance is called Ranjit Singh Gate while the other doors are known as Jahangiri Darwaza, Ahni Darwaza, and Amiri Darwaza. It also houses the temple of Ambikadevi, Shitalamata, Jain Temple and Lakshmi Narayan Temple.

The Fort also consists of a Sheesh Mahal Ambika Devi and Shitalamata Temple as well as a ruined mosque and Kapoorsagar stepwell which serves to be an important attraction. It is must visit attraction in Dharamsala especially for the history buffs.

Palampur (35 Km from Dharamshala)

palampur near dharamshala

Popularly known as the tea capital of northeast, Palampur is a beautiful hill station of Kangra Valley in the states of Himachal Pradesh. The destination serves an eye-feasting treat for the visitors having surrounded by dense pine forests and spectacular views of the Dhauladhar ranges.

The town was founded by the British due to which you will often find Victorian mansions and age-old castles in this location having eye-arresting scenic beauty.

The gorgeous picturesque landscapes housing the different British structures from the colonial era takes the tourists to a world outside India to the ancient Victorian era.

The destination has amazing peace and serenity in its environment, and the tea garden with paddy fields gives the location a watercolour painted look amidst the great Himalayan Mountains covered in layers of snow in the background.

Some of the gorgeous tourist attractions to visit in Palampur are- Tashi Jong Monastery, Tea Gardens, Saurabh Van Vihar, Neugal Khad, and many others. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers to relax in the calm and fresh environment.

Bir and Billing (65 Km from Dharamshala)

paragliding at bir billing

Bir is a beautiful village in the Joginder Nagar valley of Himachal Pradesh mainly known for its Tibetian population and lots of colourful monasteries providing the best of eco-tourism and meditation courses.

The mountain town has a mesmerising scenic beauty having the panoramic Dhauladhar ranges in the background dotted with lush greeneries, Tibetian colonies and shining golden roof temples giving a captivating look to the location.

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Billing, on the other hand, is a picturesque valley housing the adventurous paragliding opportunities for the visitors. Generally, all the adventure enthusiasts who go for paragliding have their take off from Billing and lands at Bir which is located at comparative lower altitude.

Both of these destinations are explored by the tourists for paragliding opportunities over the eye-catching Dhauladhar ranges creating memories for a lifetime.

Other than paragliding, the location is also famous for trekking, camping, monastery touring, and houses the famous deer part institute which is a popular tourist attraction.

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Beautiful Places To Visit Near Dharamshala Within 200 Km

Khajjiar (130 Km from Dharamshala)

Khajjiar Lake

It is a gorgeous hill station in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh that is situated at an altitude of 6,500 feet from sea level. The destination lies at the foot of Dhauladhar ranges and forms an important part of Kalotap Khaijjiar Sanctuary.

The location has a high historical significance being the rule of Rajput and Mughals in ancient times. The scenic beauty of this location is so stunning with Blue Mountains and lush green valleys that it has been given the name of Gulmarg of Himachal.

Khajjiar has numerous attractive locations for an amazing day trip. Some of them are- Kalotap Wildlife Sanctuary, Khaijjiar Lake, Kailash Village, Panch Pandav Tree, Kahiji Nag Temple, Dainkund Peak, and Panchpula.

It is also a very good family picnic spot and an amazing stopover location between Dalhousie and Chamba. Adventure lovers can have a great time here indulging in several activities like Zorbing, paragliding, horse riding, trekking etc. It is purely a summer destination.

Prashar Lake (167 Km from Dharamshala)

Prashar Lake near dharamshala

It is a gorgeous lake close to Dharamshala lying in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Prashar Lake is very popular among the tourists having unparallel beauty with crystal clear blue water in between the Dhauladhar ranges.

It offers an extremely thrilling trek for the adventure lovers through the dense forests and various shimmery water bodies till the final destination of this pristine lake.

The lake stands at an elevation of 2.730 meters from sea level and has major religious importance due to its three-storeyed pagoda temple located near the banks.

The temple close to the lake its built in its honour and hence the water of this lake is considered to be holy. The best part of this lake is its saucer shape which looks like a heavenly blue cut out in the lap of Dhauladhar ranges while the vibrant green surrounding valleys add a panoramic edge to its beauty.

It is a must-visit destination near Dharamshala to see the wonders of natural beauty.

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Barot (110 Km from Dharamshala)

barot valley tourist place near dharamshala

It is one such village of Himachal Pradesh in Mandi district that often leaves the visitors speechless with its appealing scenic beauty.

Starting from the captivating landscapes to the gorgeous sightseeing locations, panoramic views of the green mountains intercepted with envious green forests, to the beautiful pure blue water of Uhl river, casting the scenic reflections in the waterbody, the destination has the views like that of a pastel-coloured painted beauty.

It is also popular in Himachal as the trekkers paradise having numerous trekking trails in the entire village area. It is not that popular compared to other destinations and has been explored by very few travellers till date.

It is like a hidden gem in Himachal that is slowly emerging from the wraps with its bewitching scenic view and amazing trekking opportunities.

Visitors in this destination can go for long nature walks in the gorgeous forest trails of pine and deodar, sit and relax in the natural surroundings and engage in adventure activities as well like camping, hiking, and trekking.

Dalhousie (118 Km from Dharamshala)


It is paradise destination of Himachal Pradesh that lies at a distance of 118 km from Dharamshala. The destination has got its name after the famous British personality Lord Dalhousie.

The town is an establishment of the British in the year of 1854 and lies at an altitude of 1.970 meters from sea level. What makes Dalhousie a perfect holiday destination is its green mountains, breathtaking green valleys and the mesmerising colonial architectures from the British era.

The destination has the perfect fusion of modern amenities with a mediaval background that is loved and cherished by the tourists. Dalhousie is also well known for its shopping destinations like Tibetian markets, plenty of handcrafted items, Buddhist paintings and various souvenirs for home decor.

Some of the best attractions in Dalhousie are- Khajjiar, Daikund Peak, Kalatop wildlife reserve, Ganji Pahari, St.Francis Church, Panchpula, Sach pass, Chamera lake, and many other stunning destinations. It can be called the mini Switzerland of India.

Famous Places To Visit Near Dharamshala Within 300 Km

Amritsar (205 Km from Dharamshala)

amritsar near dharamshala

This is the most religious destination of Punjab famous all over the world due to its captivating Golden Temple which is a major religious site for the Sikh communities.

Though it belongs to Punjab but, makes an amazing weekend gateway from Dharamshala lying within a distance of 202 km and can be reached within four hours by car.

Amritsar is not just for the Sikh community people but is crowded by millions of visitors all over the world just to have a glance at the beautiful shimmery golden temple and seek the blessings of Guru Nanak ji.

The temple serves to people from all communities irrespective of caste, creed, and religion and welcomes everyone with an open heart. It is a sight to behold and also ranks among the world heritage site of UNESCO.

The destination is also known for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre lying in close proximity to the Wagah border. Amritsar is a must-visit destination for every individual in this world once a lifetime due to the holy Golden Temple and for some lip-smacking authentic Punjabi cuisines.

Shimla (237 Km from Dharamshala)

The Ridge shimla

Who does not know about the ‘Queen of Hills’ serving as the hottest tourist hub in India? Shimla, which can be called as the pride of Himachal Pradesh, being its capital city, is actually the biggest gateway from Dharamshala at a distance of only 237 kms.

It can be reached easily from Dharamshala on the same day within 6 hours making a perfect choice for a short trip. Lying at an elevation of 2205 meters from sea level, Shimla is craved to be travelled by tourists all over the world due to its alluring picture perfect scenic beauty amidst the Himalayan mountain ranges.

The destination has everything that a person desires to have in the hills. Starting from the core adventure activities, heavenly sightseeing attractions, majestic waterfalls, to religious and shopping destinations, Shimla tops in all.

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The summers here are all green while the winters turn into a fairyland built with snow. If you are looking for a perfect hill station holiday, Shimla is the ideal choice.

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