9 Best Places To Visit Near Gateway of India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Gateway of India is a beautiful 20th-century arched monument that holds the pride of the city of Mumbai. The destination sees millions of local and international visitors almost every day cherishing the beautiful Indo Saracenic architecture of the monument. While on your trip to this lively city, don’t forget to checkout these amazing places to visit near Gateway of India.

The gateway of India is not just about the monument but also gives mesmerising views of the Mumbai harbour and the Arabian Sea. However, apart from cherishing the beautiful monument, there are few exciting activities and places to cherish in and around the Gateway of India.

While you visit this famous tourist hub, don’t forget to pay a visit to the below-mentioned locations near Gateway of India for a fantastic holiday trip.

Popular Places To Visit Near Gateway Of India

Here is the list of famous tourist attractions to visit near Gateway of India.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

It is a famous museum in Mumbai that was established back in the year 1900. The primary purpose of the establishment of the museum was to welcome the Edward VIII and Prince of Wales for their visit to India.

The museum lies in close proximity to the Gateway of India and is a famous tourist attraction of the city. Initially, the museum was known as Prince of Wales Museum of western India which later got renamed to The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya in the year 1998.

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The museum follows a classic Indo-Saracenic architecture. It boasts of having 50,000 different artefacts belonging to different categories like Art, Architecture and Natural History. It also consists of foreign exhibits as well.

The museum also includes a forestry section showcasing the timber specimens of Bombay Presidency and a Maritime Heritage Gallery showcasing navigation exhibits. It is an ultimate destination for the history buffs.

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Ferry to Alibaug

Ferry from gateway of india to Alibaug

Many people plan to visit Alibaug from Mumbai which lies at a distance of 110 km from the Mumbai city. Alibaug is a coastal town of Maharashtra’s Konkan region and is loved by the tourists due to its beaches.

The beautiful unspoiled beaches, relaxing fresh air, and the collection of magnificent forts and temples draw a lot of tourist crowd to Alibaug. The best way to reach Alibaug from Mumbai is by ferry ride. The ferry rides are available from the Gateway of India and also from Bhaucha Dhakka.

There are both AC and non AC ferries as per the convenience of the customers. The route is via Mandwa to Alibaug and vice versa. If you go by speed boat, you will be easily reaching Mandwa within 20 minutes and then to the beach in next 45 minutes while if you go by ferries, it takes 1 hour to reach Mandwa and then to Alibaug.

The best time to go for the ferry ride is between November to February. They ferry however don’t operate in the monsoon season.

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Indian Museum Ship (Vikrant)

Indian Museum Ship - places to visit near gateway of india

The museum was actually an aircraft carrier that got declared as a museum during the year of 2012 in Navy Week Celebrations. It is a floating museum and hence given the name as Museum Ship.

The aircraft carrier belongs to the Indian navy that was purchased back in 1947 and also played a significant part during the war between Indian and Pakistan in 1971 resulting into India’s victory. The carrier used to serve as an ideal base for conducting air military operations in the past.

The museum displays various facts and exhibits related to the history of Indian Navy like the different rescue operations, missile launching, diving, naval uniforms, armaments, and various other exhibits to let the visitors know about Indian naval history.

The museum houses a special section that portrays the role of INS Vikrant in the Indian naval war including facts and exhibits related to plenty of naval operations in 1971 war. It is the pride of India, and a must visit for all Indian citizens.

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Design Temple

design temple - tourist attractions near gateway of india

It is a famous store in Mumbai housing products associated with the roots of Indian culture. The store was established in 1999 as a graphic design boutique studio and gradually made progress by selling Indian handmade products in the form of home accessories.

It has also been a part of famous trade shows. The primary motive of the store is creating products that blend ancient India’s past with modern traditions. Those who have immense love for the home decor items, check out the store’s exclusive antique collections like Ancient Varanasi vases, Bell Luce, Damroo stools and tables, forbidden fruit tableware and plenty of other incredible items.

The store products have been a part of many famous destinations like India Luxe Cafe in New Delhi; eat, drink, meet and play restaurant in Stockholm; Maison and Object in Paris etc.

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Bowen Memorial Methodist Church

Bowen Memorial Methodist Church mumbai

It is an ancient church of Mumbai that was constructed in 1889 as a memory of Rev. George Brown. The church is an important structure of the Methodist Churches and also among its first three established structures in Mumbai.

The church follows a beautiful Gothic architecture in the exterior while the interiors are stunning, pretty much like a colonial bungalow with clean and solemn interiors. The church is a 129 years old structure having a rich historical background from the colonial era.

The church believes in the power of one god in the form of three external figures like Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is a vital heritage destination for the tourists in Mumbai and a highly religious site for the Christian devotees.

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Parvati Villa

Parvati Villa - tourist places near gateway of india

It is a famous brand and boutique in Mumbai that celebrates the inner strength of women like Goddess Parvati with its range of attractive designer products and items.

The brand was established by Ileshaa Khatau with the aim of making around the world fee fabulous about themselves. Their handmade products are famous all over India available in plenty of pretty designs, rich colour, and texture.

The boutique has calm and cosy interiors with a grand Trishul at the entrance for good spiritual vibes inspired by Goddess Parvati who resides in every woman around the world.

They have a dedicated section called Shakti that features their different handmade products like Necklaces, bracelets, Cuffs, Earring, Clutches, and Rings used to beautify a woman. It is a great destination come store for all female visitors especially for the international women to take exquisite handmade beauty souvenirs from India.

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Avante Cottage Crafts of India

Avante Cottage Crafts of India mumbai

If you want to have a look at the beautiful Indian traditional handcrafted items, visit Avante Cottage Crafts in Mumbai on the Wode House road at Colaba in Mumbai.

The store is owned by Ramesh K Malani that was established back in 1950. It features all kinds of handcrafted products starting from jute, batik embroidery, wooden craft souvenirs, brass artefacts, vegetable dye bed covers, Kashmiri, Varanasi, Kutch shawls and plenty of other exclusive handcrafted items.

The Store has a collection of exquisite Indian crafts from all states of India having top quality items in cost affordable budget. The store is listed in the premium sellers of India for selling top quality handcrafted products. It is a great shopping destination for both local as well as International visitors.

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Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery - tourist places near gateway of india

It is a classic art gallery in Mumbai that was established in 1952 by Sir Cowasji Jehangir and a famous tourist destination. The gallery lies in close proximity to the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai.

The art gallery features the work of various famous and emerging artists focusing on the category of contemporary Indian art. The gallery has provided an excellent platform for various aspiring artists to showcase their works and even hosts exhibitions by plenty of sculptors, painters, photographers, weavers, artisans which are worth visiting for every art lover.

The gallery consists of 7 exhibition halls, Hirji Jehangir Gallery and terrace Art Gallery. It is also famous for hosting more than 300 art shows every year, and the famous one among them is the Monsoon Art Show. Visit this fantastic art gallery to witness some brilliant creations.

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Cathedral of the Holy Name

Cathedral of the Holy Name mumbai

It is a beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral of Mumbai at Colaba which is also famous as Archdiocese’s Mother Church. The church construction began in the year 1902 and finally, it got established in 1905. The Church is dedicated to the parish community people.

The church serves as an eye feasting treat for the visitors having beautiful geometrical designs that were painted by A.Moscheni while the ceilings and walls have beautiful frescos. Each architectural detail of the church amazes the visitors that have been given the fine blend of artwork with geometrical designs.

The main door of the church is popular as the ‘Holy Doors of Mercy’ while the interior passage gives the message of purification and forgiveness. The surrounding areas of the Church are equally beautiful as the interiors for a wonderful stroll and to visualise the excellence of brilliant Gothic architecture. The church is also famous for hosting Sunday Mass, Easter and Holy Week.

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