8 Best Places To Visit Near Kharghar

places to visit near kharghar - Khanderi Fort

To control the burgeoning pressure of population, rushing towards every Indian metropolitan city, the Government has developed several urban centres at the proximity of these cities. It would not be wrong to say that India is currently witnessing the emergence of blooming business hubs and well-planned ecosystems across the country. Read on to know about the best places to visit near Kharghar.

Best Places To Visit Near Kharghar

If you are staying at Kharghar, then you are blessed with too many options to explore several nearby destinations. Kharghar is one of those urban districts which ensures people to have excellent infrastructural amenities in one place.

Kharghar, the ‘Smart City’, is nestled near the hill ranges of Western Ghats and offers a picturesque view of the hills and greenery.

Here is a list of the popular places to visit near Kharghar

Pandavkada Waterfalls

Pandavkada Falls near mumbai

The first thing you should head for during your stay at Kharghar has to be the majestic Pandavkada Waterfalls. This cascading waterfall showcases unmatched beauty in full swing, particularly in monsoon. Pandavkada Waterfall gushes through the deep green jungle of Pandavkada Hills at Kharghar.

It is best to plan your trip to this waterfall from June to September. Pandavkada Waterfall takes a deep plunge to the ground from a staggering height of 105 Metres. This waterfall offers an excellent sight of splashes to treat your eyes.

There are few Buddhist caves near Pandavkada Waterfalls that you can explore during your day trip. Although this place is a beautiful spot to plan a day trip or picnic with family but be careful enough to avoid any unpleasant mishap.

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Palm Beach Marg

places to visit near kharghar - Palm Beach Marg

When you are planning to explore nearby tourist attractions, don’t forget to include Palm beach Marg (also known as Palm Beach Road) in your itinerary. This six-lane highway is probably the most fascinating road in India where you will love to have a long drive.

Palm Beach Marg stretches for about 10 km connecting Vashi to Belapur in Navi Mumbai via Nerul. This whole stretch of Palm Beach Marg is surrounded by spectacular residential as well as commercial complexes. As the road runs along the borderline of Mumbai Harbour, it offers an amazing coastal view and plenty of fresh sea breezes.

This road is surely a soothing sight for sore eyes. Flanked by a nearby lake along with well-maintained parks and gardens, Palm Beach Marg is a perfect place to put on your running shoes and kickstart the day on a good note.

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Sagar Vihar Garden

Sagar Vihar Garden - places to visit near kharghar

Sagar Vihar Garden, officially known as Veer Savarkar Udyan, is another beautiful place to enjoy at Kharghar. This garden is positioned on the Western shoreline of Thane creek. The creek area is lined by mangroves which actually adds more to its beautiful surrounding.

Sagar Vihar Garden is the home to a variety of flowering plants and trees. There used to be a hovercraft service for Mumbai available from this garden. You can still find a small port area on one side of the garden. Sagar Vihar Garden gives a panoramic view of Thane creek along with the 2 Kms long Vashi Bridge connecting Mumbai to Navi Mumbai.

This spot is particularly ideal for people who wish to unwind amidst fresh air and natural surroundings. This garden instantly takes you far from the hustle and bustle of city life for few hours.

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National Gallery of Modern Art

National Gallery of Modern Art near kharghar

It doesn’t matter whether you are an ardent art lover or not; you must plan a day trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art while enjoying your Kharghar days. This place is simply the heaven to art lovers and it is loaded with thousands of unique handicrafts to leave you dumbstruck. It is definitely one of the best places to visit near Kharghar.

The museum houses an impressive collection of artistic creations and artworks to showcase the unbelievable revolution that Indian Art has undergone in recent past. The primary goal of establishing the National Gallery of Modern Art was to protect handicraft heritage of India and allowing progressive research works on the subject to take it to the next level.

The museum opens every day at 11 AM and closes at 6.30 PM except Saturday when it shuts down at 8 PM. It remains closed on Mondays and National Holidays.

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Khanderi Fort

places to visit near kharghar - Khanderi Fort

When you are at Kharghar, it is impossible to miss Khanderi Fort in Raigarh. This fort is an excellent piece of architecture that can be rarely seen in any other sea fort in the country. Located at the peaceful village of Thal, Khanderi Fort is truly a blissful sight to cherish.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj controlled this fort along with its sister fort Underi Fort in initial days, but later both the forts were taken over by Siddis. These two sea forts used to be great spots to drive off enemies and have a stronghold over the sea.

To reach the fort, you have to arrange for permission from Mumbai Port Trust Authority. The best time to visit Khanderi Fort is from October to March.

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Gadeshwar Dam

Gadeshwar Dam - places near kharghar

Gadeshwar Dam is a popular tourist spot near Kharghar. This place is particularly known for its natural surroundings and its pristine ambience. The dam was constructed along the Gadeshwar Lake so that water from this lake can be properly stored and distributed to nearby farmlands particularly during dry seasons like summer and winter.

Gadeshwar Dam is about one and half hour car ride from Kharghar. Road condition is excellent, and you are going to love the views along the way for sure. It is best if you can arrange a family picnic at this scenic place.

When you are near the lake area, it is lovely to witness the rippling waterbody guarded by this giant dam wall. Be extra careful if you are visiting this place with children. Don’t allow them to go near water all alone.

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Castella de Aguada (Bandra Fort)

Castella de Aguada near kharghar

This Portuguese fort is located in the posh neighbourhood of Bandra Reclamation area in Bandra. This fort was built with the aim to protect the Portuguese colonial settlement in Mumbai before the start of the British era in the country.

“Castella” is a misspelling for Portuguese “Castelo”. Ideally, it should have been called Castelo da Aguada, although it seems its Portuguese builders actually called it Forte de Bandorá. This fort is kept in good shape and structure by the Archaeology Department of India.

Once you reach the fort, you can have a splendid view of the Worli Sea Link bridge connecting Worli to Bandra. This fort encompasses a sprawling garden where you can spend few hours to unwind. A large stone etched with Portuguese inscriptions is placed at the entrance to welcome every visitor.

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Juhu Beach

juhu beach mumbai

Juhu Beach is one of the most iconic tourist destinations from Mumbai. You can hardly find any traveller to this city who doesn’t wish to take a walk on this beach. This is not just the most popular beach in Mumbai but also the most crowded one in the city.

The beach allows you to have a good time on the sands while gorging on some delicious street foods from nearby stalls. There is nothing more iconic than taking chuskis of your Ice Gola while standing at Juhu Beach.

It is best to reach the beach at noon and stay there as long as you want. After a gorgeous sunset at the beach, you can enjoy the sparkling city lights of Mumbai. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot a few celebrities at Juhu as this is the place where Bollywood people love to reside.

How do I reach Kharghar?

Chattrapati Shibaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai is the nearest airport to Kharghar. You can reach Mumbai by flight or by train from any part of the country. Then you have to avail local train or take a taxi/auto to reach Kharghar from CSTM railway terminus or airport.

What is Kharghar famous for?

Kharghar is the new urban city developed near Mumbai to meet the demand of affordable accommodation. This area is dotted with numerous residential and commercial complexes offering all modern amenities to enjoy a smooth living.

Kharghar is known for its stunning multi-storied building erected against the backdrop of lush green Western Ghats.

What is the best time to visit Kharghar?

The western coastal region of Maharashtra is blessed with pleasant weather conditions all through the year. Except for monsoon, any time is a good time to plan for a Kharghar trip.

It is best if you choose the months between October to March to schedule your trip to Kharghar. Avoid June to September because of heavy showers.

How much time do I need to explore Kharghar?

Khargarh is one place where you will have a great scope to explore numerous tourist spots apart from cherishing those spectacular views of Western Ghats.

The more days you can add to your trip, the better will be your experience with Khargarh. In general, we will recommend you to plan a week-long trip to Khargarh.

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