12 Best Street Food In Lucknow – Heavenly Cuisines That You Must Try

Biryani Idris ki Biryani Chowk Area

Lucknow is popularly known as the land of Nawabs and houses many historical heritage sites. The city has a royal Nawabi touch in its narrow lanes, old structures, and shops infused with a modern look. But the most important part of Lucknow which cannot be missed at any cost is its delicious cuisines. Here I have listed some of the best Street food in Lucknow that you must try.

The eateries at Lucknow especially the local street foods are a must try for every visitor. All foodies should visit Lucknow to try its unparallel cuisines which is rare to find anywhere else across the world. So let’s check out the heritage food stalls in Lucknow serving the delicious cuisines.

Popular Street Food In Lucknow And Where To Try Them

Best Street Food In Lucknow (Local Delicacies)

Kebab (Tunday Kebab- Chowk Area)

Kebab Tunday Kebab Chowk Area

If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian, Chowk area of Lucknow is a pure bliss to try kebabs. It is known for the world famous Tunday Kebab. The shop has a royal history associated with it. There was a Nawab once who was unable to chew the kebabs as he was old and toothless. So he organized a competition of making softest kebabs which can be easily eaten by a toothless person. While no one could succeed it, one man known as Haji Murad Ali won the contest with only one hand.

Since then from 1905, the shop came into existence as Tunday Kebab because the term ‘Tunday’ refers to the one-handed person in Hindi. It is famous for the Galawati Kebab which consists of 150 unique ingredients and papaya to make the kebabs soft.

The shop has been following the same royal kebab recipe for 100 years. The kebab’s heavenly taste and its ultra soft texture are a must try while you are in Lucknow. It is one of the most popular street food in Lucknow.

Biryani (Idris ki Biryani-Chowk Area)

Biryani Idris ki Biryani Chowk Area

Idris Ki Biryani is another heavenly place for the Non-vegetarians especially the Biriyani lovers. The shop is not one among the fancy restaurants, it is a 45-year-old treasure managed by Abu Bakr continuing the legacy of most delicious biryani over the years.

They don’t have any menu; they are special for the mouth-watering mutton biryani along with chicken and mutton korma. What makes the biryanis taste heavenly are the- kada basmati rice and the soft juicy mutton. The mutton pieces are generally large and greater in proportion compared to rice.

The shop remains overcrowded most of the time and sells out quickly. The shop has a very simple and basic construction and definitely not the best place to sit and eat there. So mostly customers pack their orders and enjoy it at their home. This is one of the most recommended places to try out biryani in Lucknow.

Chole Bhature (Shri Lassi Corner- Chowk Area)

Chole Bhature Shri Lassi Corner Chowk Area

Chole Bhature as we all know is one of the delicious Punjab dishes widely famous and loved by people in India. However, if you are in Lucknow don’t miss the delicious Chole Bhature from Shri Lassi Corner located at the Lucknow Chowk area.

It is a very old shop and most famous for its unparallel Lassi and Chole Bhature in the entire Lucknow city. The Choles served here are dark in color with thick spicy gravy and paneer cubes floating on it. They fry the bhatures on spot and serve you hot.

The entire dish is heavy and oily enough to have a delicious breakfast. The Chole’s here tastes amazing with its intoxicating aroma that will drive you like a magnet to give a try. All vegetarians and non-vegetarians traveling in Lucknow should visit this place once.

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Basket Chaat (Royal Café)

Basket Chaat Royal Café lucknow

Basket Chaats in Lucknow are an absolute delight and the best place to have these delicacies is at “Royal Cafe”. The restaurant is located at Hazratgunj in Lucknow. It is famous for the unparallel basket chaats in the entire Lucknow city. The Chaat consists of a basket made of fried potatoes and contains tikkis, matar, and other vegetable stuffing with spicy chutneys sprinkled on it.

The entire dish is stuffed with spicy mouthwatering items inside the basket and served to you leaving an everlasting taste forever. The chaat is termed as such due to the fried potato basket which holds the stuffing material. This is one of the exclusive chaat items to try out in Lucknow especially at Royal Café due to its incomparable taste which cannot be found at other chaat joints.

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Veg Kebab Parantha (Deva Food Mart-Kapoorthala)

Veg Kebab Parantha Deva Food Mart Kapoorthala

This is a very unique cuisine to taste in Lucknow. The most delicious and famous shop selling Veg Kebab Parantha in Lucknow is the Deva Food Mart located at Kapoorthala. It is an authentic old restaurant in Lucknow with not so fancy décor but definitely takes you at Cloud seven with its amazing desi food.

Their vegetable kebab is extremely delicious and wrapped in soft parathas made from maida. You feel the taste of spicy ingredients induced with the vegetables in each bite. The food stall is famous in entire Lucknow for selling lip-smacking veg kebab Parathas at a cheaper price.

They charge Rs.40 for a single piece and Rs.60 for double keeping in mind about the affordability. This is a must try out place for all the vegetarians to feel the taste of kebab like their non-vegetarian friends.

It is just like a thick buttery ice-cream milkshake which is unparallel in taste and in flavor too. Never miss this exclusive sweet dish of Lucknow at any cost while you are there.

Chicken Shawarma (Manish Eating Point-Patrakarpuram)

Chicken Shawarma Manish Eating Point Patrakarpuram lucknow

Another famous must try food joint for the Non-vegetarians is the Manish Eating Point at Patrakarpuram in Lucknow. The restaurant is best known for the delicious Chicken Shawarma in Lucknow. It is also a good place for having lunch and dinner serving both non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines.

The Chicken Shawarmas here are to die for and are served during evening time. The staff and the service are very good and offer you a satisfactory dining experience. The Patrakarpuram branch is exclusively famous for the Chicken Shawarma rolls while a more modern version of the food joint at Deva Palace market is famous for biryani and roasted chicken.

This is one of the best hangout joints in Lucknow to try the delicious Chicken Shawarma with your friends and family. It is also one of the most popular street food in Lucknow.

Kulcha Nihari (Rahim’s Kulcha Nihari)

Kulcha Nihari Rahims Kulcha Nihari lucknow

This cuisine is only for the Non-vegetarians with a heavenly taste. In Lucknow, you will find many food stalls selling this item but the best you can get is at Rahim’s. It is a simple non AC restaurant in the Chowk area with a clean seating arrangement on two floors. Millions of people in Lucknow come here to taste its incomparable Kulche Nihari.

For the ones who don’t know, Nihari is basically a spicy meat curry cooked overnight in a low flame. The restaurant serves the delicious goat and beef nihari with spicy brown gravy and semi-soft fibrous meat to let you enjoy the flavors deeply.

These Niharis are served with a Kulcha which is flat on one side and has a swollen crispy texture on the other side while the middle part is soft. All non-vegetarians should visit this place to try out the delicious Kulcha Nihari.

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Popular Street Food in Lucknow (Sweet Dish)

Malai Makkhan (Chowk Area)

Malai Makkhan street food in lucknow

This is one of the best sweet dishes to try out in Lucknow during chilled winters. The Chowk area of Lucknow is famous for this delicacy. There are almost 12 to 15 vendors available in Chowk area selling Malai Makkhan. The food item is extremely fluffy, creamy, intense and lightweight. The texture is absolutely mouthwatering with khoya sprinkles to crave for it.

The cuisine is mainly maintained with ice as it melts quickly. So it is eaten mainly during the winter season when the vendors gather all the liquefied Makkhan and pour it in a glass with a huge spoon with the fluffy khoya sprinkled part floating on it.

Shahi Tukda (Aminabad Area)

Shahi Tukda Aminabad Area lucknow

Shahi Tukda is a very delicious sweet dish of Lucknow. It is available in best quality at different restaurants in Aminabad area of Lucknow. The texture and quality of the dish are amazing and mouthwatering. It is made by infusing the milk with the bread and garnished with saffron and dry fruits on the top.

The royal sweet dish was invented by the Mughals more than 150 years ago. Initially in the royal cuisine instead flat wheat flour bread was infused with the milk while the present form of the recipe with the sliced bread was invented around 1930.

In today’s recipe, the bread used in Shahi Tukdas are fried having a golden brown color and dipped in sugar syrup with a thick coating of rabri. The two best restaurants near Aminagar selling the authentic Shahi Tukda are Mughal Zaika and Dastarkhwan. Shahi Tukda is a must try street food in Lucknow.

Kulfi Faluda (Prakash ki Kulfi)

Kulfi Faluda Prakash ki Kulfi lucknow

If you are looking for exotic desserts in the hot summers of Lucknow, Prakash ki Kulfi is a must visit. The shop is 50 years old best known for its lip-smacking Kulfi Faluda. The shop is located in the Aminabad area of Lucknow. The specialty of the Kulfi here is it is served with colorful Faluda.

The shop uses their own method of making Kulfi by boiling milk for 3 to 4 hours and adds many secret ingredients and kesar to give it a heavenly taste. They freeze the Kulfis by putting it in a small metal container which is further kept in large metal containers containing rock salt and ice.

They shake those containers for 1 to 2 hours to freeze the Kulfis. The unique method of preparing and freezing the Kulfis adds an unparallel taste to it which you cannot get in other shops. It is a must try in Lucknow.

Sheermal (Sheermal ki Gali-Chowk Area)

Sheermal ki Gali Chowk Area lucknow

Sheermal is delicious Awadhi cuisine and you can have its unparallel taste only in Lucknow. An entire area known as “Sheermal ki Gali” near the Chowk area is dedicated to serving these delicacies. The delicacy belongs to the Nawab era and carries the same royal recipe to date. Sheermal is mainly a flatbread or you can also call it a chapatti made of milk and ghee.

The main ingredients of the Sheermal dough are ghee, flour, and Yeast along with other required ingredients. The baking of the Sheermal bread is done in ‘loha tandoor’ and the oven is sprinkled with milk containing elaichi and kesar to stick the bread strongly.

Sheermal ki Gali houses varieties of Sheermals like Everyday Sheermal, Baqarkhani Sheermal, Hazri sheermal, and Zafrani Sheermal. The delicious sheermals in Lucknow are a must try with the niharis.

Khasta Kachori (Ratti Lal’s Khasta Kachori)

Khasta Kachori Ratti Lals Khasta Kachori lucknow

Khasta Kachori is one of most popular and common dish in every Indian house. In Lucknow, you get to enjoy the top quality Khasta Kachori at Ratti Lal. It is a very old shop in Lucknow established in 1937 and serves varieties of snacks items like Khasta Kachori, Bada, Puri, Chola Bhatura, Samosa, Rattilal special Lassi, Rasmalai, Jalebi and many more.

It is one of the earliest shops to be built in Lucknow catering to the health and hygiene of the consumers over years. The Khasta Kachori of this shop is so popular that a whole lot of stock finishes just within 2 to 3 hours. The shops serve the Khasta kachoris with delicious potato curry. It is an amazing breakfast option in Lucknow.

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