10 Best Street Foods of Agra And The Authentic Eateries To Visit

paratha ram babu paratha bhandar agra

Individuals who believe Agra is only about the Taj Mahal and heritage sites, they have not yet discovered its other dimensions yet. Agra is one of the top most destinations in India, that is famous for its mouth-watering street foods and Mughlai cuisines. Learn about the best street foods of Agra and the authentic eateries you should visit to enjoy these local delicacies.

While there are plenty of eateries in Agra selling all these delicacies, today we are going to give you a tour of the famous eateries in Agra and their must-try signature items to make your holiday trip yummylicious.

Famous Street Foods of Agra

From tongue-tingling spicy chaats, Pethas, panipuris to delicious Mughlai Parathas, Biryani, Chicken tandoori, Shawarma rolls and lip-smacking north Indian cuisines, Agra ensures complete food satisfaction to its visitors.

Here is a list of the most popular street foods of Agra

Yummy Local Delicacies of Agra – Veg

Paratha – Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar

paratha ram babu paratha bhandar agra

Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar located at Civil Lines Paratha is one of the famous dishes of Mughlai cuisine and in Agra, you get to taste the best of it. The Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar of Agra located at the Belaganj area in Civil Lines is a food paradise for the Paratha lovers and all North Indian people.

Even international tourists also should try this place. The restaurant is a local eatery having a traditional menu written in Hindi. So, it is also important that the international visitors take a local translator with them to let them guide with the delicacies.

You can taste here plenty of deep friend Parathas like Plain Paratha, Papad Paratha, Lachcha Paratha, Sev Paratha, Paneer Paratha, Missa Paratha, Maggi Paratha and lots of unique Paratha dishes hard to get anywhere else with the unparallel taste and quality. It is an ideal destination to start the morning with a delicious breakfast.

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Bhalla – Agra Chat House located at Sadar Bazar

agra chaat house - street foods of agra

It is the 55 years age-old chat corner of Agra located at Chat Wali Gali in Sadar Bazar. The chat corner of this destination is famous all over India for its lip-smacking tasty spicy Indian chaats to arouse your taste buds.

There are plenty of chaat stores in this chaat Gali of Sadar Bazar but nothing matches the unparallel taste of Agra Chat House. It is famous for Gol Gappe, Dahi Bhalle, Papri Chaat, aloo tikki, dahi tikki, chila and plenty of other chaat dishes with favorable chutneys.

This is one shop that presents plenty of tongue-tingling spicy chaat options that you will feel like trying everything. While visiting Sadar bazaar in your Agra trip don’t miss this amazing chat corner. International travelers too must visit this shop for tasting the best quality Indian spicy chaats in their lifetime.

Dalmoth – Panchi Petha Store

Dalmoth Panchi Petha Store agra

Dalmoth is another famous tasty and crunchy dish in Agra that you will find in best quality at Panchi Petha Store. It is a munchy snacks item flavored with nuts, spices, and fried lentils. The best to enjoy this item is with a cup of tea in chilly winters.

Panchhi Petha is a very famous eatery in Agra that is well known for its world-class quality Pethas and other snacks items. Dalmoth tops among the quick bites available in this store. You can have this munchy crispy delicacy packaged in boxes.

You may find Dalmoth in several locations in Agra, but the one in Panchhi Petha Store is the authenticated one having the perfect blend of fried lentils, gram flour, spices, dry fruits, and pure ghee. It is a famous savory snack in Agra being the unlimited namkeen item loaded with tasty flavors.

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Paneer Tikka – Pind Balluchi at Taj Ganj

Paneer Tikka Pind Balluchi at Taj Ganj agra

It is a very famous Punjabi restaurant in Agra at the Taj Ganj area. The restaurant is famous for its Punjabi, Lucknowi and slow cooked food items. The restaurant has more than 40 outlets in 15 different states of India and has received more than 5 national awards for its extraordinary world-class tasty food quality.

It is best known in Agra for its extremely delicious Paneer Tikka that is cooked in tandoor and induced with tons of flavored Indian spices marinated by fresh cottage cheese. Plenty of visitors while traveling in Agra from different parts of the world come to this place especially to try the delicious paneer tikka.

You won’t find such top-class quality and taste in any other food outlets in India. All veggie lovers don’t miss to visit Pind Balluchi for an unparallel paneer tikka experience along with other delicious cuisines.

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Bedai – Deviram Sweets and Restaurant

Bedai Deviram Sweets and Restaurant agra

If you are a lover of both sweet and spicy flavors, don’t miss the mouth-watering Bedai with Jalebi in Agra. It is a very famous breakfast dish in Agra and you can taste the best of it at Agra’s leading sweet shop- Deviram Sweets.

Bedai refers to a puffy bread that is deep fried oil that is accompanied by a spicy aloo ki sabji ( potato curry). Bedai is prepared with crip friend Moong and Urad Dal. Deviram which is famous all over Agra for its juicy sweet Jalebis is also widely known for Bedai.

The combination of spicy Bedai with potato curry and sweet Jalebi is unbelievable and should be tried at least once by all visitors. The taste of both the items in this sweet shop is unparallel and you will have an amazing time savoring both of them together.

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Tasty Local Delicacies of Agra – Non Veg

Mughlai – Pinch of Spice, Mahatma Gandhi Rd

Mughlai Pinch of Spice - street foods of agra

It is definitely not in the category of street foods but a must try local food of Agra at this fine dining restaurant. The restaurant is located at Mahatma Gandhi Road and Fatehabad Road. The restaurant was started back in 2007 first in Mahatma Gandhi Road at the commercial hub of Sanjay Palace and second in Fatehabad Road.

The restaurant also has one outlet in Delhi. It tops in Agra in terms of Mughlai cuisines. The restaurant has a modern interior decor with comfortable seating arrangements perfect to chill out with family and friends.

Here you get to taste varieties of finger licking vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cuisines, especially if you are looking for Mughlai meat dishes. It also consists of Chinese, Italian and Continental cuisines.

The Mughlai dishes here have an unparallel taste with aromatic gravies and flavourful meat dishes. The restaurant has got a five star feel and a must try eatery in Agra for all Non-vegetarian people.

Tandoori Chicken – Mama Chicken Mama Franky

Tandoori Chicken Mama Chicken Mama Franky

Mama Chicken Franky food outlet in Agra is famous for its delicious Tandoori Chicken dish. The eatery has been running from 6 years by the father Himanshu Sachdeva and his son Rahul Sachdeva.

The destination is favorite among the locals for its mouth-watering chicken kebab wraps, chicken sheekh kebabs, mutton kebabs, chicken tandoori and plenty of other chicken quick bites. It is also a great eatery to try out aromatic Mughlai Chicken Biriyani, fish preparations and Chinese dishes.

The tandoori chicken of this destination is outstanding having fresh, juicy, succulent Tandoor fried big pieces of chicken to crave for till you end up licking the chicken bones all clean.

It also tops in terms of North Indian cuisines and chicken momos and even houses a separate corner for veg delights. Again for the non-vegetarian tourists, don’t miss to try tandoori chicken here at any cost.

Shawarma – Mama Chicken Mama Franky, Sadar Bazaar And Pind Balluchi, Dinesh Nagar

Shawarma - street foods of Agra

Chicken Shawarma is a famous mouthwatering delight that is available all over India in various food outlets. But, while you are in Agra, don’t forget to try the finger licking mayonnaise coated chicken Shawarma wrap topped with green and white mint sauces at the popular food joints in Agra.

One of the biggest food joint to try chicken Shawarma is at Mama Chicken Mama Franky at Sadar Bazar area another place that serves as a competitor to the former location is the Pind Balluchi at Dinesh nagar on Fatehabad road.

These two destinations will give you one the best Shawarma eating experience in a lifetime at reasonable prices having amazing taste and quality. Both of the places are equally good and you can try any one of them to have the pleasure of the delicacy. These two shops make the best chicken Shawarma in Agra.

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Delicious Local Sweets And Desserts of Agra

Petha – Panchhi Petha Store

Petha Panchhi - Petha Store agra

Panchhi Petha store located at one at Hari Parvat crossing, Agra is famous for its Pethas all over India. It is a traditional Indian sweet having translucent texture made from ash gourd. It tastes like soft candy. Petha is one of the most popular foods of Agra.

The sweet is very delicious and in Agra, you get to taste the best of its authentic quality at Panchhi Petha Store at Hari Parvat crossing. The shop is a very old one that was established back in 1950 by Late Shri Pancham Lal Goyal ji.

Since then, the shop has been following its footsteps ensuring the same quality products with mouth-watering taste and has the maximum customer satisfaction in Agra. Angoori Petha, Chocolate Petha, Kesar Angoor Petha, Pan Petha, Dry Cherry Petha, Santra Petha, Khus Cherry Petha, Sandwich Petha are some of the unique Petha items you can taste here. All sweet lovers make your time for this shop during your stay in Agra.

Jalebi – Deviram Sweets and Restaurant

Jalebi Deviram Sweets and Restaurant - street foods of agra

It is a very old sweet shop in Agra that is owned by Agra’s famous business family and is running in the city for three decades. The eatery is famous for maintaining its authentic traditional taste that was followed back in the royal era along with the best quality modernized hygiene controls.

It started back in the 1970s and today ranks among the leading sweet shops in India. The Jalebis here with Poori is very famous among the local and a must try for all visitors. Jalebi is a famous Indian traditional sweet that is prepared from the deep fried maida flour in various circular shapes which are further soaked in sugar syrup.

Visit this destination to taste the mouth-watering juicy sweet Jalebis along with Kachodi and Lassi. It is a perfect place to have authentic Indian breakfast.

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