15 Best Weekend Resorts Near Bangalore For a Day Outing

Goldfinch Retreat Bangalore

The weather of this megacity of India will make you fall in love with Bangalore. There are a large number of weekend resorts near Bangalore for you to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Such day trips are an integral part of your life when you live in a busy city like Bangalore.

It not only gives you the much-needed break but also allows you to have a great time with your near and dear ones. Visiting the resorts nearby Bangalore can be a good option for a day off. Here is a list of weekend resorts near Bangalore for you to have the perfect day outing:-

Best Weekend Resorts Near Bangalore

Guhantara Resort (32 Km from Bangalore)

Guhantara Resort weekend resort near bangalore

The Guhantara Resort is a unique property and symbolizes nature and its beauty. It hosts a splendid variety of activities for all its visitors, fun and exciting activities such as paintball, zip-line, and other such things are offered in this cave resort. You would also be interested to learn that the Guhantara resort has been reviewed as the best resort not only near Bangalore but also the entire region of Karnataka.

The Guhantara resort ensures to deliver a great experience and will definitely rob you of your daily life stress. You can have a perfect family outing or even a corporate day visit as they offer a variety of amenities such as the conference hall, party hall on request, kids play area and many more.

Shilhaandara Resort (55 Km from Bangalore)

Shilhaandara resort near bangalore

It is one of the best weekend resorts near Bangalore and an ideal option for all the nature lovers. The Shilhaandara Resort is the epitome of natural beauty. The heritage-inspired property offers a wide range of adventure activities that you can enjoy with your friends or family. The Shilhaandara Resort is 55 kms away from Bangalore and is one of the most popular day-out destinations near Bangalore.

You will be delighted to know that they offer packages for weekends as well as weekdays. You will be greeted with a welcome drink followed by lunch or high-tea as per your package. It is a great opportunity for you to breathe in the blend of nature and adventure along with your loved ones.

The Windflower Prakruthi, Devanahalli (32 Km from Bangalore)

The Windflower Prakruthi Devanahalli

Be it a romantic getaway, a corporate outing, or just a day out with friends or family, the Windflower Prakruthi Resort is the best option to have some quality time with them. This resort has different categories of rooms that are ideal for serving different purposes and also budget limits. It also has a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves delicious meals.

You can also recollect your childhood days along with your family while playing some sports like soccer, badminton or cricket since these facilities are provided here.

So, escape from the everyday hectic schedule and do consider visiting this beautiful resort. The resort ensures to give you the experience that you would like to have after a tiring week of hard work. It is definitely one of the best weekend resorts near Bangalore.

Jaladhama Resort, Talakadu (133 Km from Bangalore)

Jaladhama Resort Talakadu

Experience an intense serenity and beauty in the backwaters resort named Jaladhama in Talakadu. The resort is an entire package of good food, games, entertainment and other activities. You will be surprised and also delighted to know that the resort also has a trampoline.

They are popular for providing the best of facilities that make you feel that you’ve really made a wise decision of spending a day here, and the stay makes it worth every penny that you’ve spent. The sight of the backwaters is a calming experience that might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

With the presence of backwaters, you also get the choice to enjoy boating, river cruises, and sporting activities like fishing and rowing.

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Golden Palms, Tumkur Road (25 Km from Bangalore)

Golden Palms Tumkur Road

The Golden Palms is a 5-star hotel that not only offers a comfortable stay but also is an ideal day-outing option. It is a premium class luxury boutique that is an absolute delight to stay in. The Golden Palms is an excellent example of divine architecture. It also houses the country’s largest spa for all those who are especially looking forward to having a day out for pampering themselves. One can really have a great time here.

If you visit this hotel for the purpose of a day-out, you can use the bicycles provided to you and have a gala time exploring this huge property. As part of the day out package, the management also hosts some fun activities like a treasure hunt and tug-of-war.

Holiday Village Resort in Bangalore (16 Km from Bangalore)

Holiday Village Resort Bangalore

Get a great service that is beyond your expectations at the Holiday Village Resort, Bangalore. The beautifully designed resort offers a great day outing package that includes a lot of activities and items such as meals and welcome drinks. They also have an array of sporting activities that can be enjoyed by all the guests of the resort, this not only gives you time for some recreation but also gives you a great opportunity to interact and socialize with other guests in the resort.

Meeting new people can be a great experience and you may end up making some good new friends. You will thoroughly enjoy your stay here and would definitely love to extend your day outing into a week-outing instead.

Goldfinch Retreat, Bangalore (28 Km from Bangalore)

Goldfinch Retreat Bangalore

Just like the name suggests this place is truly a retreat for all those who are seeking for a day out resort option. The Goldfinch Retreat is updated with the latest technology and has a great team of staff that will be an integral part of your luxury stay. The Goldfinch Retreat is located only 7 kms away from the Bangalore airport, thus making it a place that is conveniently accessible.

When you manage to take some time off from a busy work schedule and have a day out, you must make the most out of it, visiting the Goldfinch Retreat is a good option to do justice to your purpose and it also has a lot of activities that you can enjoy in one single day.

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Urban Valley in Bangalore (28 Km from Bangalore)

Urban Valley Bangalore

For all those who love to have some adventure in the water, The Urban valley is a lakeside resort that offers a great variety of water sports is one of the best weekend resorts near Bangalore. All the activities are supervised by professions for the safety of all the visitors. Therefore, all the activities can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced people alike.

This resort is located in Kanakapura road and is a 45 minutes drive from Bangalore. Urban Valley gives you an opportunity to enjoy the jet-ski and other fun activities. The staff at Urban valley is well trained and have a friendly nature. Did you know you can also enjoy the ATV rides here? This place is also recommended if you want to have a corporate outing on a low budget.

Mango Mist, Bannerghatta Road (25 Km from Bangalore)

Mango Mist Bannerghatta Road

The Mango Mist resort has a unique concept of not only giving its guests a comfortable stay, but also an aromatic experience. The place will make you feel nostalgic about your childhood days where you may have spent time dancing around and playing near mango trees. The resort is surrounded by Mango trees, due to which it constantly smells of pristine nature.

Located only 25 kms away from Bangalore, this is an ideal option for a day out near Bangalore. The resort has cottages that also have all the basic amenities that are required to have a comfortable stay. You will be happy to know that they also have a Jacuzzi that you can use to relax your tired body. This place is definitely a must visit.

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Vana Resort in Bangalore (75 Km from Bangalore)

Vana Resort Bangalore

The Vana Resort is a unique destination for a day out that gives you an experience of a farm-house. It is the perfect blend of comfort and great service. The place is beautiful with gardens that have a huge variety of flowers and trees that give you a feeling of closeness to nature. The Vana Resort is located 75 kms from Bangalore and is an expert in the field of hospitality.

The place has an antique feel and has a mesmerizing landscape and an ethnic designed swimming pool where you can enjoy some time calming your tired body. They also have a lot of open spaces for you to enjoy breathing in some fresh air. After a stressful week, you can also have some time de-stressing and enjoy the ayurvedic therapies offered here.

Taj Kuteeram, Hesarghatta (38 Km from Bangalore)

Taj Kuteeram Hessarghatta

The Taj Kuteeram could be best described with the help of words such as wonderful, quiet, peaceful, and rejuvenating. The Taj Kuteeram resort is well designed in ancient style architecture and stone-work that gives life to the rich Indian culture and heritage. The food and hospitality offered by the Taj Kuteeram deserve a five-star rating.

You can get rid of the everyday hassles of life and boring routines of daily life, and have an exotic experience with your friends or family here at Taj Kuteeram. You can also rejoice your day outing with activities and facilities like cultural functions, some ayurvedic massages, and other fascinating activities. You can make the most out of your day out at the Taj Kuteeram, Hessarghatta.

Anandadhama Resort, Kanakapura

Anandadhama Resort Kanakapura

Experience fun and adventure at the most affordable price ever, The Anandadhama Resort is a blissful treat of lush greenery and exquisite architecture. It is the perfect blend of nature and adventure as you get an opportunity to perform many adventure activities such as the Tarzan jump, ditch jump, and the coracle rides.

The river and beautiful garden lets you have the perfect date with nature. The waterfalls in Anandadhama Resort will calm your mind and also has a soothing effect on your body that will relieve you from the city stress. You can have an ideal day outing at the Anandadhama resort and spend some time exploring something completely different from the city facilities. The resort also has the basic amenities that make your stay a comfortable one.

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Elim Resorts in Bangalore (36 Km from Bangalore)

Elim Resorts in Bangalore

The Elim Resort is an exclusive day outing destination and is one of the best weekend resorts near Bangalore for different events such as Birthday parties, picnics, wedding and business events. The meticulously designed infrastructure and stately ambience make it an ideal place for a getaway from the city crowd.

The Elim Resort has a plethora of activities to offer such as indoor and outdoor games, swimming pool, kid’s play area, rain dance, and paintball (at extra cost) available. The Elim resort is the perfect place that would give you a feeling of tranquility and peace, which is exactly what you must be looking for after a week-long schedule of work. The rich flora and fauna of the Elim resort also make it a beautiful place to stay in.

Olde Bangalore, Devanahalli (30 Km from Bangalore)

Olde Bangalore Devanahalli

The Olde Bangalore is a premium class resort hotel that can give you a flashback of the olden times, imagining a place like this is difficult in a city like Bangalore. The Olde Bangalore drifts you back to the slow paced and relaxed life that used to be the style of living in Bangalore many years ago.

You will definitely feel pampered here with the supportive staff and the well-trained group of employees at the Olde Bangalore. In the race of city life, it is very important for everyone now to take a small break from the race and calm your mind and body down. The Olde Bangalore gives you just the right place and opportunity to you.

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Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort, Doddaballapur (27 Kms from Bangalore)

Angsana Oasis Spa Resort Doddaballapur

With multiple branches all over the world, The Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort has come up as an expert in the hospitality industry. The Resort is an ideal option for a day out purpose with family or friends, with your significant other, or for just a day out for a spa treatment.

They have different amenities such as access to a kids play area so that the kids can enjoy themselves while the adults can enjoy a relaxing spa massage. They also have various water sports and land sports for recreation purpose. The place is also ideal for a romantic getaway as they have a great dining option that is sure to woo your beloved.

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