Delhi Metro trial run begins, will soon be able to travel


The government had taken the decision to introduce special passenger trains and public transport during lockdown 4.0. After nearly two months in Delhi, buses, auto-taxis, cabs and e-rickshaws are running on the road.

Now, soon the common people can once again start travelling by the Delhi Metro. After a gap of about 60 days, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is gearing up to resume its operations in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Agents to be deployed at the gate

In the recent past, we had reported that DMRC had intensified its preparations to start the Delhi Metro. DMRC has also started trial runs before starting Metro operations in the past. As per information, agents will be deployed at the gate of the metro station for thermal screening of passengers as soon as the service starts.

QR code based tickets to be issued

According to DMRC’s standard operating procedures, only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to enter metro stations. ONLY COVID-19 negative passengers will be issued QR code-based tickets, which will be connected with the Arogya Sethu mobile app.

All passengers will be required to keep the Arogya Setu app in their phones for travel in the Metro. During the journey, AC will be run at normal temperature in the Metro.

Token vending machines will also remain closed

Cash transactions will be banned except in exceptional circumstances and token vending machines (TVM) will also be discontinued. Housekeeping staff has already been deployed for cleaning of Delhi Metro stations.

DMRC’s customer relation employees have been asked to give briefings on new standard operating procedures. As reports say, the Metro will be run with maximum capacity from the first day of service.

As per the information received from an DMRC official, no guidelines have been received from the Government to resume Metro operations.

Social distancing required

The central government has shared a standard operating procedures (SOP) with all Metro train operators in India in the recent past. The SOP says that the Metro train would wait 30 seconds more at each station to ensure social distancing among the passengers.

Stickers have also been installed to maintain the rules of social distancing on the seats within the train compartments and the passengers who are standing inside the train will have to maintain a distance of one metre.