Dubare Elephant Camp – Activities, Timings, Entry Fee, Accommodation

dubare elephant camp

Everything you wanted to know about Dubare Elephant Camp. The elephant has been our favorite animal may it be in our grandmother’s tales or any cartoon show we viewed in our childhood. They have a calm and loving nature that attracts us towards them despite being gigantic in physical structure.

Wildlife sanctuaries are the favorite places to visit elephants and to observe their ecological, psychological or biological behavior with trained personals in forests. The Dubare Elephant Camp is the apt place to visit if you are truly an elephant lover. Dubare is located at the river bank of Kaveri in Kodagu District, Karnataka.

Asiatic Elephants with other wildlife attraction such as peacock, deer, tiger, leopards, gaur, wild dogs, and many reptiles can be spotted here. Dubare gives ample opportunities for activities such as trekking, elephant rides, river rafting, and fishing. The importance of Dubare could be realized from the fact that elephants for Mysore Dussehra are trained here.

Activities to Do At Dubare Elephant Camp:

dubare elephant camp

Dubare cannot be imagined without the elephant ride, it is what mainly tourist come for and they should not leave any chance to enjoy these moments. It is the best place to observe elephants and their survival activities minutely. Tourist can feed them, scrub while they have a bath, apply oil and interact with them with the help of wildlife personals present, that are trained to carry out these activities every day.

Travelers can experience trekking, wilderness boating, elephant rides, and angling during the visit to the Dubare camp. The woods office conducts treks on probably the most exciting trekking trails in Karnataka. Coracle ride on the waterway Kaveri is another famous activity with the travelers. Bear in mind to keep an eye out for the crocodiles resting on the stream banks.

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Dubare Elephant Camp Accommodation:

dubare elephant camp activities

Accommodation near Dubare is quite fabulous with spectacular views in the middle of forests. It could be characterized by cottages giving a magnificent view of sunshine and birds chirping that make your morning pleasant.

The camp has 18 cottages with attached bath; new camps have the facility of electricity only in morning and evening with the help of generators.

Food is delicious comprising both veg and non-veg, depending on your taste the food is served. Kushal Nagar near Dubare Elephant Camp provides you with the best accommodation services with beautiful garden view and 15 min driving distance from Dubare.

Housing facilities with shared kitchen and attached bath are some of the facilities that are basic but well maintained. Cash payment is the only method and pets are prohibited in cottages. Staff at the sanctuary is helpful.

Dubare Elephant Camp Timings:

dubare elephant camp timings

Dubare Elephant Camp has the timing of 8:30 AM-5:30 PM. There are timings for various activities like for bathing elephants it is from 9 to 10:30 in the morning, so tourists must try to reach early so that they can enjoy all activities. Rush is expected for an elephant ride and river rafting so take care of kids.

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Dubare Elephant Camp Entry Fee:

dubare elephant camp entry-fee

Boat transportation to the central coast costs 20 Indian Rupees per head. Elephant activities like taming them, making them have a bath and other interactions cost Rupees 800 for Indians and 1437 for foreigners.

Day charges include camera charges food elephant activities and costs 1447 for Indians and 1690 for foreigners. Taxes are extra as applicable and it takes three hours for complete exploration.

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Best Time to Visit Dubare Elephant Camp:

dubare elephant camp best time to visit

Situated in the southern region of India, Dubare experiences a tropical temperature. Summers in Dubare are incredibly sweltering and damp while the rainy seasons and winters are lovely. Along these lines, rainstorm and winters are great seasons to visit the city. The temperature in summer varies from 32 degrees Celsius to 43 degrees Celsius.

The area gets high precipitation in a rainstorm and is muggy; August-October offers a decent atmosphere to explore Dubare. Winters in Dubare are pleasant as the minimum temperature remains at an average of 15 degrees Celsius during this season.

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How to Reach Dubare Elephant Camp:

Dubare could be reached by various means of transport, within city autos and taxis could be hired. People outside of Karnataka can reach Mysore then head towards Dubare Elephant Camp. Flight can be taken to reach Bangalore and then another flight for Mysore. Dubare is 253 km away from Bangalore. Train from Delhi takes approximately 47 hours to reach Mysore.

It takes around 4 hours to reach Mysore from Bangalore via bus service. From Mysore, Government Bus can be taken to reach Kushalnagar. From Kushalnagar autos are available for round trips as well as one way. 17 Kms is the distance to be covered from Kushalnagar to reach Dubare Elephant Camp.

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Places to Visit around Dubare Elephant Caves:

There are many places to visit near Dubare Elephant Caves some of the famous attractions are highlighted as below:-

Golden Temple

The uniqueness of the temple is no VIP culture and the staff has a smooth handling process of managing rush. The Temple has a golden Buddha statue and has a peaceful environment.


It is one of the main attraction near Dubare Elephant Camp. It is an island shaped by stream Kaveri close to Kushalnagar in the locale of Kodagu, Karnataka, India.

Namdroling Monastery

One of the great monasteries and one can experience the positive vibes all around. The place has it’s very own fascinate and abandons you with a quiet idea.

Chiklihole Reservoir

It is the perfect place for photographers as the Chiklihole reservoir offers a great scenic beauty. It is alluring to see the dam area and the sunset offers a beautiful view. It is located at 20 km distance from Kushal Nagar.