10 Beautiful Hill Stations Near Kolhapur

Gaganbawada - hill stations near kolhapur

Stressed from the ups and downs of life and bored from the monotonous lifestyle, it is often recommended to take a break and lose yourself into nature. Read on to know about the popular hill stations near Kolhapur.

As it is often said, nature has the remedy of every evil thing hampering our lives; nature boosts you with positive energy and makes you feel rejuvenated.

Popular Hill Stations Near Kolhapur

No other scenic beauty touches the soul more than that of the rugged mountains and hills. The lushing green valleys and the dense forests make us feel more connected to Mother Earth and help us forget all the stress we have been going through.

Kolhapur is surrounded by numerous hill stations that are bound to give you the mesmerizing experience to last forever.

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Panhala - hill stations near kolhapur

Located at an elevation of 3177 feet above sea level, Panhala is a popular hill station situated at a distance of just 18 km from Kolhapur. It is famous for the Panhala Fort that was built in between 1178-1209 CE and is of immense historical importance. Panhala is one of the most popular hill stations in Kolhapur and offers a wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding valleys. Witness to the great Maratha rule, Panhala is a beautiful hill station with a rich history.

With many exciting places to visit in Panhala, apart from the Panhala Fort, like the Sajja Kothi, Sambhaji Temple, Nayakini Sajja and the vast Panhala Tank, Panhala is flooded by local tourists seeking for weekend getaways.


Gaganbawada - hill stations near kolhapur

Gaganbawada is a small hilly town, 55 km away from Kolhapur and is unexplored and underdeveloped. Gaganbawada is the only place from where two different Ghats, Karul Ghat, and Bhuibawara Ghat, are clearly seen to originate and go in two opposite directions.

The hill station is a slopy terrain that offers a beautiful view of the Western Ghats reaching high above. Gagangad Fort is one of the major attractions there, which was built in medieval times and served as the Gagangad tehsil during the British rule but now is in its ruins. There is a small mosque and a temple dedicated to Goddess Bhawani inside the fort. Pandava caves, Lakhmapur Dam, D.Y Patil sugar factory are few of the places of interest in Gaganbawada apart from the rich biodiversity it offers the tourists to witness.

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Samangad near kolhapur

Samangad is basically a hill fort in Kolhapur district and is thought to be built during 733-754 AD. The fort was built in the memory of Shri Pratap Rao Gujar who fought against the Adil Shah army bravely, and his tales are famous in this particular area.

The fort is located on the top of an oval-shaped hill and is surrounded by trees. Apart from the magnificent fort, there is a Maruti temple and a Chaloba temple situated near to the fort which is visited by the local people. There is also a temple of Lord Shiva present under the crevices of a mountain and devotees climb down to visit the auspicious place.


Dandoba - hill stations near kolhapur

Dandoba is a small hill station located at a distance of just 25 minutes drive from Sangli and is close to NH 204. Rich in flora and fauna diversity, it is heaven for people loving adventurous sports like trekking and rock climbing.

With a statue of Lord Mahadeva on the top of the hill, the place helps you forget all your worries and creates a peaceful ambience. It is recommended that you visit the place during monsoon when the view is memorable, and the forests look much greener. Dotted with several ancient temples and statues, Dandoba is a fun place to visit with your family and friends.

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Amboli - hill stations near kolhapur

Located at an elevation of 690 meters, Amboli is a hill station situated before the coastal highlands of Goa starts. Nestled in the Sahayadri hills of western India, legends say Amboli has about 108 Shiva statues among which only a dozen have been discovered to date. Hiranyakeshi River is sourced from this village, and there is a Lord Shiva temple just at its origin from where the water seems to start flowing.

Amboli receives a very high rainfall of about 7 m every year, and there are numerous waterfalls. During monsoon, the climate becomes very comfortable, and the forests get greener. Heavy mist takes place which attracts local tourists.



Located in between the hills of Sahayadri mountains, Panchgani was preliminary the site of education and health resorts, but recently tourists from all over the country have started flying to this place to witness the magnificent scenic beauty of this tourist destination.

There are five hills surrounding Panchgani which are topped by a volcanic plateau that is second highest in Asia and is also known as “table land”. The glittering view of the water flowing from the Dhom Dam, Sydney Point, Parsi Point, Table Land, Devil’s Kitchen are some of the interesting places of Panchgani.


Mahabaleshwar near mumbai

Situated at a height of 1,353 meters, Mahabaleshwar is a huge plateau covering an area of 150 square kilometres. Mahabaleshwar is composed of three different villages, the Old Kshetra Mahabaleshwar, Malcolm Peth and a little part of Shindola village.

Krishna River originates from Mahabaleshwar and flows gradually to Telangana and other states. Legend says the river originates from the mouth of a statue of a cow located in the ancient Shiva temple in old Mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar offers an eccentric view of the surrounding green plateau and attracts tourists from all over the state.


Kune Falls Lonavala
Lonavala is a small hill station situated in the Sahayadri ranges between the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan coast with an elevation of 622 meters above sea level. Tourists flood to Lonavla during the monsoon season to witness the rich nature the place holds.

Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves, Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort are some of the nearby places that you can explore while visiting Lonavla. Places of interest in Lonavla include Rajmachi Point, Valvan Dam, Shivaji Udyan, Tiger’s Leap and Duke’s Nose. Hiking, trekking, rock climbing are popular adventurous sports here.

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Khandala near mumbai

Another hill station located at a distance of about 3 km from Lonavla is Khandala, a top-rated destination for relaxing for the local people. It is located at the top end of Bhor Ghat, Khandala is a popular place among the hikers. Offering a fascinating view of the nearby valleys and the rugged Western Ghats, Khandala is a perfect destination for weekend getaways.

Khandala has many places of interest and shares some with Lonavla. Some of the major attractions in Khandala are Tiger’s Leap, Amrutanjan Point, Bhushi Lake, and Duke’s nose.

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Matheran near mumbai

Known for its moderate climate and colonial architecture that is well preserved, Matheran is a small hill station located at an elevation of about 800 meters. There are about 38 viewpoints in Matheran which offers splendid views of the nearby area and also the Neral town. The other points of interest include Louisa Point, One Tree Hill Point, Panorama Point, Porcupine Point, Monkey Point, Heart Point and many more. Home to many Old British style architecture and Parsi buildings, Matheran is a perfect blend of nature along with colonial architecture.

With roads made up of red laterite mud and beautiful water bodies like the Charlotte Lake, Matheran is a wonderful destination to lose yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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