Kali Ka Tibba – Timings, Location, Best Time To Visit – Complete Guide

kali ka tibba chail

Kali Ka Tibba is a magnificent temple of Kali Mata which stands at an altitude of approximately 7300 feet from sea level. The temple is situated at the Bossom hilltop offering spectacular views of Choor Chandni Peak and Shivalik Ranges.

Every year thousands of tourists visit during the summer season to seek the blessings of Kali Mata and spend some quality time in the quiet environment. The magnificent temple is built of marble from outside which further glorifies its beauty. This grand temple is visible only after seeing from Chail Place.

The mountain on which this beautiful and glorious temple is situated is called Kandaghat. Looking around the temple, the surroundings are covered with a series of mountain ranges along with beautiful greenery which is a sight to behold for every tourist.

This temple holds a high religious importance and believed to fulfil the dedicated prayers of every tourist done from the heart. On this mountain, there are 4-5 Shiva Lingas worshipped, along with Ganesh Ji, Hanuman Ji and temple of Shiva, but the temple of Kali Ma is the most magnificent.

kali ka tibba timings

The outer part of this temple is white, and its top is painted with red colour. To reach the peak of this mountain, the main door of the temple leads to the road, on which there are marble walls on both sides. The main entrance of the temple consists of a series of marble steps leading to an arched entrance containing a huge bell and finally to the main entrance of the prayer hall.

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The primary source of electricity in this temple is solar energy. The front courtyard of the temple is completely constructed from marble, and the wall of the temple is made of glass.

A giant flag hovers over the main entrance of the temple, and here the unique feature is the excellent artwork, which appears to be like the walls of a fort. There are light poles on the four sides of the park to light up in the night time, which are powered by the solar energy.

All of the statues of this temple are made of marble, and there is a large Shivling which is made of black stone, and the rest is made from Shivling marble. All sculptures are arranged squarely in a row, which is its main attraction.

There is also a tree in the courtyard of this temple which is worshipped. Parking facility is very convenient for the tourists and visitors coming here. The temple is one of the most interesting destinations of Chail and a major tourist attraction offering panoramic views of Shivalik ranges.

How to reach Kali Ka Tibba

kali ka tibba location

Kali ka Tibba can be reached by road, airways, and railways in the following ways:-

By Road
You can use your own vehicle or bus to travel by road, but travelling in your own vehicle is preferable because there is no facility for climbing the ferry ahead of Chail.
The path to reach the Kali ka Tibba ahead of Chail is a bit crude, and the road is a bit broken, so it is difficult to get the car up there in the rainy season.

By Air
If you are planning to reach Kali Ka Tibba by air, the nearest airport is Chandigarh and Shimla. After that, the destination can be reached from any bus or any other means.

By Rail
If you are travelling by railways, the nearest railway station of the destination is the Chail railway station, where you can find trains like Kalka-Shimla Express.

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Kali Ka Tibba Timings

Kali ka Tibba, the famous temple located in Chail especially dedicated for all the devotees of Kali Mata is a must visit destination in your Chail trip. The visiting time of the beautiful temple is between 6 A.M. to 5 P.M. The temple is open for the visitors’ every day and does not charge any entry fee.

Approximate Visit duration for Kali Ka Tibba

kali ka tibba

To reach the Kali ka Tibba, Shimla or Solan first arrives in the way. And then travelling a distance of 45kms from Shimla, Chail arrives. Chail is approximately 6-7 kilometres away from the Kali ka Tibba, and these places are connected by road. It takes around 1:15 minutes to reach Chail from Shimla.

Similarly, reaching Chail from Solan takes almost the same time. From Chail, Kali Ka Tibba can be reached within 15-17 minutes. It takes around 45 to 50 minutes approximately to visit the magnificent temple and feel the mesmerising beauty of the surroundings.

Kali Ka Tibba Location

This temple located in the famous hill station of Chail in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, India.
(Distance from Shimla district of the destination is approximately 43.5 km, and there is 45 km distance from Solan district.)
State: Himachal Pradesh
District: Solan
Nearest place: Chail

Sight-Seeing Option near Kali Ka Tibba

There are many popular locations near Kali Ka Tibba which have attracted the tourists over the years. Some of the popular nearby tourist destinations are:-

Chail Palace

It is the biggest example of architectural beauty in Chail, built by Patiala ruler Bhupendra Singh in 1891. This palace is amazingly beautiful and attractive. The palace is not only a tourist destination but also provides excellent accommodation for the guests.

The Palace features luxury rooms having ornate types of furniture, eye-catchy cottages and log huts, dense forests in the surroundings, expansive lawns for leisure walks, and Children Park for the kid’s recreation. The palace is an absolute delight for visitors staying there.

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Chail cricket stadium

It is believed that this stadium is the world’s highest stadium standing at an altitude of 2,144 meters. The ground features games like cricket, football, basketball, and even Polo. The stadium ground was constructed by Raja Bhupendra Singh of Patiala in 1893.

The ground offers breathtaking views of Shimla, Sutlej Valley, and Kasauli to the tourists. The cricket ground also houses a basketball court and has provisions for goal posts even for football.

Sidh Baba ka Mandir

It lies between Rajgarh and Pandhawa hills at an altitude of 8,000 feet. The temple god, Sidh Baba is believed to be the protector of the local residents of Chail and the entire destination. The temple attracts many local devotees, and a large number of tourists to offer prayers to Sidh Baba and seek blessings for their lives.

According to history, it is said that Maharaja Bhupinder Singh wanted to construct this temple beside the Chail palace, but Sidh Baba instructed him in his dreams to establish the temple in its present location at Chail. Since then, the temple holds a major religious importance and offers a peaceful ambience for every tourist to sink themselves in the religious values.