Maharashtra: Government upset as tiger population rises in Chandrapur forests


The tiger population in India has increased to 2967. The increase in the population of tigers in Chandrapur forests in Maharashtra has increased the struggle between wildlife and humans. Out of a total of 312 tigers in the state, 160 tigers are present in Chandrapur. In a few years, 60 new cubs will be ready.

The number of tigers in India has increased continuously over the past few times. Last year, the tiger population in the country increased to 2967. The increasing number of tigers is considered to be good, but the number of tigers in a forest in Maharashtra has become a nuisance. The number of tigers in the Jungles of Chandrapur in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra has reached 160, and 60 tiger cubs will grow in the coming years. This may pose a big problem in the region.

In view of this, the government is considering to send some tigers from here to other forests. The government has asked the forest department officials to study it in detail. It is noteworthy that the conflict between human and tigers has increased in Chandrapur.

Maharashtra Forest Minister Sanjay Rathore said that there are about 312 tigers in the state at present, out of which 160 are only in Chandrapur. In addition, 12 tigers are within a radius of five kilometres in the district.

Rathore said, to reduce the incidence of conflict between human and wildlife, the forest department has been asked to study the transfer of tigers from Chandrapur to other areas. The Minister had a review meeting with the forest officials on the issue. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (wildlife) Nitin Kakodkar says the management of tiger population has to be thought of, so the proposal to transfer some of them is under consideration.