17 Places for One Day Road Trips from Delhi

Noor Mahal Karnal - one day road trips from delhi

One day road trip is a much-needed vacation for all travellers after a hectic week. Talking about Delhi, it is blessed with a hub of tourist attractions that you can easily cover in a one day trip by road without opting for railways or airways. Here, I’ll talk about some of the best places for one day road trips from Delhi.

Best One Day Road Trips from Delhi

If you think Delhi has all of its major attractions only in the city area, you are absolutely wrong. The cosmopolitan city is a perfect gateway for attractive weekend destinations to cover in a day.

So, to help you out with the top attractions, the following list gives you a tour of the best locations close to Delhi within 100, 200, and 300 km respectively. Both tourists and locals can have a great time exploring these destinations in their Delhi trip.

One Day Road Trips From Delhi: Within 100 Kilometres



It is a famous village of Haryana at the Sonipat district and is very popular among the residents of Delhi which is just 50kms from the village. Delhi people often come to chill in Murthal with their friends and family during highway road trips.

It comes in the national highway from Delhi to Amritsar and hence has the maximum number of tourist crowds as well as local residents. The destination is widely known for its exclusive Dhabas, restaurants and roadside eateries.

There are around 50 Dhabas and each of them serves unique mouth-watering delicacies. The most famous Dhaba among them is the Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba. Their homemade buttery Parathas with a glass of tea are a heavenly delight for every Indian citizen.

Among the restaurants, Haveli and Sheesh Mahal are the famous ones offering authentic Patiala cuisines. The destination also tops in some famous attractions like- Shivalay Mandir, Dhevatali Lake, Debur Lake, Mojo Land, and Jurassic Park Inn.


Camp Mustang Sohna Road

It is a renowned industrial zone of Gurgaon and an amazing destination for a 1-day road trip from Delhi with loads of fun activities. Manesar is located at 56km from Delhi and can be reached with 1 and half hour easily.

One of the famous attractions of Manesar is Camp Mustang having scenic views of the Aravalli mountain ranges at the campsite with countryside farms. In this camp you can have a fun time with your gang participating in various adventure sports like rock climbing, rappelling, Burma Bridge, spider web crawling, trekking as well as farming, pottery painting, rifle shooting, and much more stuff.

You can also opt for the Fly Boy air safari trip to have an eye feasting view of the mountains, valleys, and surrounding vegetation riding the paramotor flight with the pilot; pay a visit to the velvety green 18 holes Manesar golf course; have a mesmerizing scenic view of migratory birds at Sultanpur Bird sanctuary and get the blessings of Sheetala Devi at the Sheetala Mata temple.

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Fort Unchagaon

Fort Unchagaon

Unchagaon Fort is a famous one-day road trip destination from Delhi close to Garh Mukteshwar and also a famous heritage site. The fort is an architectural splendor having a unique combination of Indian and Colonial architectural style.

The structure belongs to the early 20th century which is now maintained by their ancestral heir Raja Surendra Pal. The fort is now turned into a luxurious tourist accommodation with all kinds of comfort facilities to spend some amazing time with friends and family.

The fort looks breathtaking with an imposing white facade which is also known as Surya Mahal and contrasted brightly with the lush green surroundings located in and around the fort.

The fort offers everything from a king size royal accommodation to Multi-cuisine restaurant, indoor games facilities, and entertaining activities like Boat Cruise, Bullock Card rides, Horse Riding, Pottery wheel, and Dolphin river sighting. The destination is perfect for family weekends.

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Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake

It a beautiful lake in the state of Haryana perfect for a one day tour from Delhi at a distance of 60 kms. From corporate trips to family picnics, schools, and colleges excursions, Damdama Lake is famous for hosting plenty of fun and entertaining activities as well as training programs.

The destination takes only two hours to reach from Delhi. Surrounded by majestic Aravalli mountains on three sides, the lake offers various luxurious resorts and accommodations for a night stay and extreme fun adventures like – Hot Air ballooning, rock climbing, parasailing, camping, trekking as well as rowboats, speed boats, and motorboats riding.

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The lake area is perfect for enjoying nature walks, engaging in some outdoor sports like badminton, volleyball and also for night camping with a thrilling experience amidst the Aravalli Mountains.


nuh - one day road trips from delhi

Located at 88 km from Delhi, Nuh is a historical city in the state of Haryana at Mewal district. The city initially belonged to the Aryan civilization but later on, it became an important part of Tughlaq dynasty.

The heritage city has got an amazing historical feel with crumbled ruined heritage structures here and there transforming into a gorgeous ancient setting. The city comprises of plenty of ruined structures belonging to the 14th century. It used to be the center of trading salt when Bahadur Singh of Ghasera was the ruler.

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It is an absolute paradise for the historical biffs with attractive structures like- Shaking Minarets, Chui Mai Pond, Nallad Reservoir which still has water flowing through it amidst the Aravalli mountain ranges, Kotla and Shiva-Temple, Hathor Temple, the tomb of Bahadur Khan Nahir and Sheikh Musa.

Each of these structures though ruined but unique beautiful mostly being made of red sandstone and grey quartzite with intricate architectural carvings. Nuh is one of the beautiful one-day weekend trip destinations from Delhi.

Kuchesar Mud Fort

Kuchesar Mud Fort one day trips from delhi

It is another amazing historical gateway situated at 80kms from Delhi. The fort was captured by the Jat rulers in 1763 and got recovered by them in 1782.

It has got a long historical background being under the reigns of Jat rulers who had to fight with Rohillas, Sikhs, Marathas, as well as Mughals from time to time in order to achieve the victory over the fort.

The fort got turned into a luxurious tourist accommodation in 1994 as a heritage hotel with a strong blend of Mughal and colonial style architectures.

Covered with lush green orchid gardens in its surrounding to the ultra luxurious royal style rooms, colonial dining space, and luxury amenities, the fort serves as the perfect heritage destination to spend some quality time with family in the beautiful rooms, arches, balconies, courtyards and also by the banks of Barijghat.

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One Day Trips From Delhi: Within 200 kilometres

Noor Mahal, Karnal

Noor Mahal Karnal - one day road trips from delhi

This is an absolute eye feasting treat and a tourist accommodation at Karnal in Haryana. The destination lies at 117kms from Delhi and can be covered within 2 hours 45 minutes.

This a royal 5-star accommodation preserves the glory of the ancient Maharaja Palaces flaunting a traditional Mughal and Rajputana architecture having grand interior and exterior decors.

The hotel features 125 elegant rooms with special suites like presidential, Khwabgah and heritage decorated with sophisticated furniture, lights, and fittings with ultra luxurious comfort amenities.

The Khwabgah of this hotel come palace is an exclusive royal chamber and a memorable treat for all visitors. It features 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, private bar, private kitchen, royal bathrooms, office chamber and also a private terrace.

The rooms are decorated with crystal chandeliers, frescos and decorative furniture give you the [perfect Maharaja lifestyle. The palace features 5 unique dine-out options offering you special mouth-watering handcrafted delicacies to savor the art of royal dining.

From rejuvenating spa, salon to indoor and outdoor games, Noor Mahal serves as the epitome of luxury.

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Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Fort one day trips from delhi

Neemrana is an ancient historical destination of Rajasthan and is famous for its 553 years old Fort Palace. The Palace lies at a distance of 128 km from Delhi covering a duration of around 3 hours.

The fort is nestled amidst the 2 million years old Aravalli hills with picturesque scenic beauty as if snatched from a fairytale. The fort was constructed in 1464 and used to be the third capital of Prithviraj Chauhan III’s descendants.

During this time, Prithviraj Chauhan III escaped to Delhi after he got defeated by Muhammad Ghori. Hence the kingdom suffered severely since the Chauhans didn’t entertain the British and it led to the destruction of the fort.

Under Neemrana’s king Raja Rajinder Singh who held the liability of the crumbled fort for forty years finally, the structure got restored in 1986 and by 2000 it became a popular tourists destination and also accommodation.

Now the fort palace is a sheer of luxury having 9 unique wings with 74 rooms and suites along with two pools, spa, hanging gardens and all kinds of royal amenities for the tourists.

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It is a famous pilgrimage location of Uttar Pradesh and also a historical destination located at 182km from Delhi. Vrindavan is the most favorite gateway for all Hindu devotees especially the ones residing in Delhi.

The prime attraction of the city is Nidhivan, and Seva Kunj after which the city has derived its name as Vrindavan. Thousands of travelers visit this place from Delhi to seek serenity amidst the beautiful green surroundings and to seek the blessings of famous Bake Bihari lal Mandir or Radha Krishna Mandir situated by the banks of river Yamuna.

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The sacred destination widely speaks of Lord Krishna’s playfulness comprising too many destinations and temples having incidents related to the life of Lord Krishna.

Some of the famous attractions here are – Prem Mandir, Bake Bihari Lal Mandir, ISKON Mandir, Shahji Temple, Gokulnanda Temple, and Radha Raman Temple. It is a wonderful place close to Delhi for a one day tour.



This is a historical destination that is equidistant from Delhi and Rajasthan at a distance of 150 km from each one. Alwar is a major tourist attraction of Rajasthan housing plenty of age-old Havelis, lakes, natural reserves, temples, forts, and palaces.

Alwar is famous for destinations like Bhangarh Fort, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bada Qila, and Pandu Pol. It lets you know about the mysterious past of Rajputs through these attractive destinations.

Alwar is also well known among the tourists due to Mega Alwar Trade Fair which is an annual festival of this destination. The scenic beauty of this location is awe-inspiring having beautiful Aravalli mountain ranges on its three sides with an age-old historical setting.

Be it enjoying the Jeep Safari at Sariska national reserve, exploring the haunted Bhangarh Fort, embrace the architectural beauty at the Sariska Palace or opting for a thrilling jungle camping at Sariska, Alwar serves as a unique blend of adventure, mystery, and history for the visitors.

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Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

It is a famous weekend gateway from Delhi located at Bharatpur in the states of Rajasthan. The destination takes 4 hours and 45 minutes to reach from Delhi. The sanctuary is also famous in the name of Keoladeo Sanctuary and Keoladeo Ghana national park.

It is an absolute visual treat for the bird watchers housing more than 230 species of birds including the endangered ones. The sanctuary is 250 years old and is named after the Shiva temple which is also known as Keoladeo temple.

Some of the famous birds of this sanctuary are- herons, storks, ducks, cormorants, common teal, shoveler, white spoonbill, oriental ibis, painted stork, common sandpiper and many more.

The sanctuary also houses mammals like sambar, wild boar, jungle cat, golden jackals, langurs, macaques, Bengal fox, striped hyena, nilgai, sambar etc. You can opt for a wonderful elephant safari to view the wildlife all around as well also stay in the jungle lodge to feel the forest thrill.

One Day Road Trips From Delhi: Within 300 kilometres


Agra taj mahal

It is a world famous destination and the most popular weekend gateway of Delhi at a distance of 231 km. Agra is renowned for its marvel wonder – Taj Mahal and plenty of other heritage sites.

The destination receives unlimited tourist crowd from all parts of the world and equally form the residents of Delhi and other nearby areas. The beauty of Taj Mahal is so captivating that no matter how many times you visit it, you never get over with the destination.

The second biggest attraction of Agra after Taj Mahal is the Agra Fort with a rich historical background of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and a true architectural splendor.

Fatehpur Sikri, Itmad ud daula’s tomb and Tomb of Akbar are other prime attractions of the city. Apart from visiting these historical destinations, you can have an amazing time shopping at the colorful markets of Agra which are famous in ethnic wears and souvenirs.

The city of Agra and its joyful vibrant ambiance will ensure you have a perfect short holiday extracting the best from the city.

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Parwanoo - one day road trips from delhi

It is a captivating scenic gateway in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh at a distance of 265kms from Delhi. The destination, being a part of Himachal Pradesh has the panoramic backdrop of Himalayan Ranges and serves as the perfect choice for hiking and trekking.

Having majestic snow clad Himalayan Mountains on all three sides lined with the vibrant green settings of pine and fir with a pleasant climate, Parwanoo is pure love for the local residents of Delhi and can be reached within 4 and half hours.

It is also famous as the Industrial town has houses HPMC which is the largest fruit processing division. Some of the famous attractions of this captivating beauty are – Timber Trail, Mountain Cable Car ride, Fruit Orchards, Kali Mata Temple, Pinjore, Gorkha Fort, Dagshai, Cactus garden, and many more.

Parwanoo is also famous for housing the biggest wholesale market in Himachal Pradesh. So, all shopaholics can have a lovely weekend here along with the adventure enthusiast and nature lovers.

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abhaneri jaipur

This is a major tourist hotspot of India and also an ideal one-day weekend gateway for the local residents of Delhi. Jaipur lies at 271 km from Delhi and can be reached within 5 hours by road.

The pink city is a hub of ancient Rajput historical heritage sites. Anyone who is keen to know about the history of Rajputs in Rajasthan can start from Jaipur before moving to other heritage locations.

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The architectural structures here are eye-feasting and extremely alluring to drown you in its grand royal beauty. Nestled amidst the mesmerizing background of the Aravalli mountain ranges, the heritage sites of Jaipur look heavenly especially during sunrise and sunset.

Some of the biggest attractions in Jaipur city are- City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Johari Bazaar, Galtaji, Birla Temple, Govind Dev Ji Temple, and many more other heritage sites. It is the best historical gateway close to Delhi.


Kayaking things to do in rishikesh

Rishikesh is another beautiful religious town close to Delhi at a distance of 242 km and can be reached in 5 hours by car. For those looking for some spiritual calmness and adventure water sports, Rishikesh is the perfect weekend destination from Delhi.

Being situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, the scenic beauty of this town is breathtaking with a fresh and serene environment far away from the concrete jungles.

Covered with lush green greeneries and mountains on all sides with winding roads, the destination will give you immense peace and pleasure to the heart and soul.

It is also famous as the Yoga Capital of the world and gained immense popularity since the time the iconic international band Beetles visited the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram and even composed one of their songs here.

Adventure lovers can have the best time of their life here enjoying River rafting on the Ganges, Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox, Mountain Biking as well as Himalayan trekking.

Some of the famous attractions here are – Laxman Jhula, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Beatles Ashram, Pramarth Niketan, Shivpuri, Rajaji National Park, Jumping heights and many more.



It is an ultimate pilgrimage destination in India for the Hindu devotees and is considered to be a very sacred place. The destination is dedicated to Lord Shiva and serves as beautiful one day trip from Delhi at a distance of 228 km from Delhi.

Millions of Hindu devotees every week, month and year flock to this destination to wash their sins in the sacred water of river Ganga and offer their prayers to Lord Shiva.

The ambiance of this place is very lively and energetic with beautiful Sandhya aartis by the riverside and letting the diyas flow into the sacred water of River Ganga during the evening time.

The cultural and religious value of this developed town is very high so as its scenic beauty offering peace and calm to your soul.

It is famous for hosting the Purna Kumbha Mela once in every 12 years and also celebrates festivals like Baishakhi, Kanwar Mela, Somwati Amavasya, Shivratri, and Kartik Purnima.

Some its prime attractions are – Har Ki Pauri, Chandi Devi Temple, Bara Bazaar, Bhimgoda Kund, Daksha Mahadev temple, Kanva Rishi Ashram, Manasa Devi temple, and Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sariska National Park

sariska near jaipur

Located at 201kms from Delhi in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Sariska National Park is an absolute wildlife retreat for the Delhi locals.

Perched on the Aravalli Mountains, the national park has a beautiful scenic view with the dense green forest of dhok trees amidst the mountains ranges housing rich varieties of wildlife species.

It was established in 1990 covering a total area of 273.8 sq.km. It is famous for its tiger reserve area which covers 800 sq.km area separately and is further divided into different sections like dry deciduous forests, grasslands, rocky landscape, and sheer cliffs.

Apart from tigers, other important species of this sanctuary are – Leopard, Sambhar, Chital, four horned antelope, nilgai, langur, jungle cats etc. It also consists of a large number of bird species like Breasted Kingfishers, Indian Horned Owl, Red Jungle Fowl, Peacocks, Golden-backed woodpeckers and many more.

The sanctuary provides wonderful elephant safari ride moving into the dense jungles to have a look at various exotic animals and birds. It is an amazing attraction for a weekend.

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