9 Amazing Tourist Places To Visit in Coorg in 2 Days

Cauvery Nisargadhama - places to visit in coorg

Planning a short trip to Coorg? Looking for best places to visit in Coorg in 2 days? Read about the famous destinations that are a must visit in Coorg. Coorg or Kodagu is a famous administrative district of Karnataka and a popular tourist destination in India.

It is also known as Scotland of India due to its heavenly scenic beauty of the Western Ghats, green hills, coffee plantation areas, lush green forests, blooming lakes, streams, trekking trails and plenty of glittering waterfalls making its way between the majestic mountains.

The destination has everything required for a perfect hill station vacation. It has been drawing plenty of local and international tourist crowds since 1989 with its array of beautiful destinations and the most breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

The following list will give you a glance at the famous destinations of Coorg to visit in 2 days for a memorable holiday trip.

Famous Places To Visit in Coorg in 2 Days

Places To Visit on Day 1 in Coorg

Dubare Elephant Camp

dubare elephant camp

Dubare Elephant Camp is a famous tourist spot of Karnataka situated in Kodagu district on the banks of Kaveri River. It is the biggest elephant training camp of Karnataka and also a conservatory. Elephants are the most adorable wild creatures that are loved by everyone from kids to adults.

The camp provides you with the opportunity to watch different activities of the elephants with their mouths from hours and also allows you to bath them, feed them, watch them getting training and also learn about how food habits.

The camp gives you the sight of other wildlife species as well like leopards, wild dog, guar, peacock, sloth, partridges in the jungle areas, go for jungle safari, elephant ride, trekking, and even fishing.

You can also enjoy a wonderful river rafting experience here in the monsoon season as well as coracle rides amidst the lush green forest. The camp is widely known for training elephants for the grand event of Mysore Dussera.

Cauvery Nisargadhama

Cauvery Nisargadhama - places to visit in coorg

Cauvery Nisargadhama is a heavenly paradise island in Coorg and a major tourist destination. The beautiful island is a creation of river Cauvery or Kaveri and is famous for its breathtaking scenic beauty in Karnataka.

The surrounding areas of the island are heavenly having bamboo thickets, groves, teak trees and sandalwood all around and also houses a hanging rope bridge as well serving as an alluring entrance to the island.

Apart from the scenic beauty, the island is also famous for housing Peacock Park, Rabbit Park, Deer Park, and Orchidarium. You can enjoy a heavenly boating experience in this island along with elephant riding ad exclusive variety of wildlife in their respective zones.

With a calm, refreshing ambience and plenty of entertainment activities, the island serves as the prime attraction of Coorg tourism.

Golden Temple / Tibetan Monastery – Bylakuppe

Golden Temple Bylakuppe coorg

The beautiful Buddhist monastery is a famous tourist destination in Coorg located at 7kms from Cauvery Nisargadhama in Bylakuppe. The location of Bylakuppe is famous after Dharamshala for having India’s second largest Tibetian settlement.

The temple sparkles brilliantly in its golden aura with fine Tibetian architecture and consists of a 40 feet tall statues of Buddha, Guru Padmasambhava, and Amitayus. The mural paintings of this temple create an artistic ambience in the interiors like a movie set while the bright red coloured doors with golden knuckles and the ornate towers take the beauty of the monastery to the next level.

The calm and peaceful ambience of the monastery not only attracts the Tibetan community but also travellers across the world. The sight of the Buddhist monks performing daily rituals, and aesthetic decoration of the individuals with flowers, incense sticks, and candles will make you fall in love with the Golden monastery.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls - best places to visit in coorg

The waterfall is one of the most beautiful destinations in Coorg and the most loved destination of tourists. It is situated in Kodagu amidst the Western Ghats ranges in Karnataka. The blooming waterfall cascades down the slopes between coffee plantations and spice estates surrounded by green trees, vegetation, and pepper wines.

The waterfall is joined by various small mountain streams and together fall from a height of 70 feet like an elaborate gushing beauty into the base pool like nature’s magical spell.

There is also a bridge in the opposite direction of the waterfall that gives the most spectacular sight of the blooming beauty. You need to cross 200 steps through the aromatic coffee and spice plantations to reach the blooming beauty. It is undoubtedly among the best things to see in Coorg.

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Raja’s Seat

Rajas Seat Coorg

This is another wonderful destination of Coorg in Madikeri and a major tourist attraction. The destination is named as such as from this place the king used to watch the sunset with his queens. The destination houses a small brick and mortal structure with decorative pillars and arches from where the views of the surrounding cliffs, valleys, and the Western Ghats are beyond beautiful.

Visitors come to this location to enjoy mesmerizing sunrise and sunset as well as rejuvenating amidst the natural surroundings. The destination also houses a Gandhi Mandap to the left side housing the remains of Mahatma Gandhi.

Children can enjoy an amazing toy train ride in this location peeking a view at the gorgeous mountainous surroundings and backdrop. It is also a great site for organizing family picnics.

Places To Visit on Day 2 in Coorg


Bhagamandala coorg

It is a religious destination for Hindus in Kodagu district of Karnataka. The destination is considered sacred as it serves as the confluence of three tributaries- Kaveri, Kannike, and Sujyothi.

Many Hindu devotees here come to take a dip into the holy confluence of three rivers or Triveni Sangam and then they proceed towards the source of Kaveri River. The water here is considered to be so much pure that bathing in it considered as spiritual upliftments of individuals.

The destination is also famous for housing the Bhagandeshwara temple which is considered as a famous religious site in Coorg which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Many visitors also come to this destination to perform the last rites for their deceased ancestors. It has a high religious value and a must-visit destination for all Hindu devotees.

Talacauvery / Talakaveri

Talacauvery Coorg

This is a very attractive and important destination of Coorg tourism that lets you see the birthplace of Kaveri River. The destination lies on the Brahmagiri Hills in the form of a Kund or reservoir on the hillside which is known to be the originating source of the Kaveri River at an altitude of 1276 meters from sea level.

Talacauvery has high religious importance as this is the place where Goddess Kaveri was captivated by Agastya Muni, who got freed when Lord Ganesha dropped the Karamadalu on the hill in the form of a crow and helped Goddess Kaveri to get free.

The kund has a square-shaped structure from where the water goes to the underground and further joins the Triveni Sangam by emerging at Nagatirtha.

October month is considered to be highly auspicious here as the water quantity of this Kund increases that time due to the arrival of Goddess Kaveri on earth. The destination is fascinating to watch and also the surrounding scenic views of the mountains are heavenly from the top.

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort coorg

It is a heritage fort of Coorg constructed by Mudduraja during 17th century. The fort lies in the heart of Madikeri town having a rich historical and cultural background.

The fort has been a part of many vigorous battles in the past and hence offers tourists an opportunity to know about the history of Coorg. The fortress passed into the hands of many rules from time to time, but finally, it got captured by Tipu Sultan who redesigned and reconstructed its original structure.

The fort houses a museum in its complex which was initially a church called St.Marks Church and then it got converted into the museum. Visitors can have a look at the different kinds of weaponry in the museum along with various artefacts revealing about the history of Muddu Raja and Tipu Sultan era.

Other notable buildings of the fort are- Mahatma Gandhi Public Library, District prison, and Kote Maha Ganapathi temple.

Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwara Temple coorg

The temple is an abode of Lord Shiva in the Madikeri town of Coorg. The temple has a brilliant combination of Gothic and Islamic architecture drawing thousands of Hindu devotees every year.

According to mythology, the ruling deity of Vindyachal Mountain range was a devotee of Lord Shiva who worshipped him heartily to free him from his past sins. Hence he made a Shiva Lingam from mud and Clay and continued praying.

Seeing his pure devotion, Lord Shiva was very pleased with him, and thus he arrived in two forms known as Omkareswara and Amaleshwara. But the destination got the name of Omkareswara as the mud like structure has Om in it.

That same Shiva linga is placed inside the temple which got popular as the Omkareswara temple. The temple is famous for celebrating the Mahashivaratri festival and also houses a lake containing a Mantapa in the opposite side which is further connected to the temple.

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