10 Most Popular Churches In Lonavala

churches in lonavala - St Marys Catholic Church

When you are planning for a vacation into the rolling hills of Western Ghats, it would be a sin to skip Lonavala. This celebrated weekend destination from the cities like Mumbai and Pune is a gorgeous romantic holiday destination with its lush green valleys, floating clouds and misty mountains at bay. Read on to know about the most famous churches in Lonavala.

Popular Churches In Lonavala

Apart from being a marvellous holiday destination, Lonavala is also the home to a number of stunning churches. Presence of these churches proves that every faith has its own place in this stunning small town. Take a look at some of the gorgeous churches in Lonavala to explore their fascinating history and impressive architecture.

Here is a list of the most popular churches in Lonavala

St Joseph’s Catholic Church

churches in lonavala - St Josephs Catholic Church

St Joseph’s Catholic Church is surely the most eminent place of worship in Lonavala. Built in 1867, this church can be spotted very close to the Lonavala Railway Station at Siddharth Nagar. In spite of its small size, this church never falls short when it comes to a long-standing history.

Hiding amidst the crowded marketplace and local shops, this may be a little harder for tourists to locate this church but once you enter through its gate, it is nothing less than tranquil paradise on earth. Apart from practitioners, this church is often visited by many people who goes beyond their religious belief to seek blessings of the Almighty.

St Mary’s Catholic Church

churches in lonavala - St Marys Catholic Church

Another marvellous place in Lonavala to have an ethereal experience is the St Mary’s Catholic Church. Located on Bara Bungalow Road in the peaceful ambience of Nagargaon locality, this church is a well-known religious structure in the town.

Apart from its religious importance, St Mary’s Catholic Church has carved a special niche in the heart of city-dwellers with its stunning interiors and beautiful stained-glass windows.

This church was constructed as per the instruction of a group of Kerala missionaries and no wonder why you see masses arranged here in Malayalam. During your Lonavala days, this church is an ideal spot to soak in unlimited divinity and serenity together.

Don Bosco Church

churches in lonavala - don bosco church

Don Bosco Church is one of the most distinctive structures in Lonavala as well as in the state of Maharashtra. Sitting inside the periphery of Don Bosco School and College compound, this church is filled with a positive vibe and energy only which you can sense as soon as you cross the main gate.

Featuring a peaceful atmosphere, this well-designed church conducts mass every Sunday. Attended both by local people and tourists, the praying session in the church includes choir songs, hymns and charming music from school students who praise the presence of God.

Believed to bring joy to your heart and calmness to your soul, Don Bosco Church is a must-visit for every visitor in the town. From Lonavala, it is just 1.4 kilometres to reach the Don Bosco Church. It is one of the most famous churches in Lonavala.

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Marathi Methodist Church

Marathi Methodist Church in Lonavala may not be as big as other churches around the town but it is certainly one of the most sought-after places in and around Lonavala. Located at Rao Colony area, Marathi Methodist Church is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main town.

The church is very popular among the local Marathi population and even if you are not a Marathi, visiting the church is highly recommended for you. The mass service is held here every Sunday in the morning at 7.00 am. The distance between Marathi Methodist Church and Lonavala city is 800 metres via NH48.

All Saints’ Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church

All Saints’ Anglican Church is situated in the tranquil and charming neighbourhood of Rao Colony in Lonavala. Dedicated to the memory of William Shipp, All Saints’ Anglican Church was built at the beginning of the 20th Century which was probably 1908.

Featuring English gothic architecture style with impressive woodwork and stone floor, the church is a great place to explore the days from history. All Saints’ Anglican Church stays open every day from 8.00 am to 12:30 pm and praying session is arranged on every Sunday. It is very close to Lonavala rail station and can be reached easily via NH48.

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St Joseph’s RC Church

St Josephs RC Church lonavala

Doesn’t matter whether if you are a strong follower of Christianity or not, you should not miss the chance to behold the beauty of the St Joseph’s RC Church during your vacation in Lonavala.

This is one of the oldest but important church in the town which played a significant role in spreading Christianity to the nearby area and locality. Dedicated to St. Joseph, the church was blessed by Bishop Walter Steins.

St Joseph’s RC Church has got an enticing rustic and old-world charm. Its minimalist interior and tranquil ambience will take you back to 1862 when it was built.

The Pentecostal Mission Church

The Pentecostal Mission Church lonavala

The list of beautiful churches in and around Lonavala is really impressive and it doesn’t come to an end soon. The Pentecostal Mission Church is one such amazing holy places right at the heart of the town that you must not escape during your trip to Lonavala.

This church came into existence in order to accelerate the process of conversions and baptisms so that new members can be welcomed to Christianity without any delay. Located beside the Kaveri Farm from Nagargaon, the Pentecostal Mission Church is probably the most desired place in Lonavala to baptise a child. The complex features a clean and calm surrounding so that visitors find their peace of mind here.

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Church Of Nazarene

Church Of Nazarene lonavala

Church Of Nazarene is located just outside of Lonavala in Sri Swami Samarth Nagar in Khopoli. An escapade from the crowded city life, this place is peaceful as well as perfect for a day trip while visiting Lonavala.

Church Of Nazarene was built half a decade ago and since then it is known for spreading humanity, love and compassion in the community through masses, music and charity works that help people to find positive vibe in a spiritual manner.

The distance between Church Of Nazarene and Lonavala is approximately 12.9 kilometres via NH48. The best time to visit this church is between the months of October and May due to clear weather. If you are planning to visit some of the popular churches in Lonavala, then you must add this church to your list.

St. Anthony’s Church

St Anthonys Church lonavala

St. Anthony’s Church is a Roman Catholic Church which was built to offer a place for prayers to the followers. Nestled at the Katrang Grove area in Lonavala, this place is a favourite place to pray before the Almighty.

Church goers in the town are pretty fond of this place and they gather here for masses on every Sunday at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Holy Redeemer Church

Holy Redeemer Church lonavala

Near the beautiful town of Lonavala, there is another very distinctive church located at Usha Nagar in Khopoli and it is known as the Holy Redeemer Church. Famous for hosting prayer services alongside the social charity, family events and weddings – Holy Redeemer Church is very popular among local people.

Blessed with picturesque nature and tranquil atmosphere, it is a perfect place to lead you to spirituality and find the peace of your mind and soul.

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