5 Popular Paragliding Spots Near Mumbai

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Although city of Mumbai has earned its fame as the tinsel town and financial hub of India, it has more to look for when it comes to exploring the city and the nearby tourist destinations. Go through this article to know more about some of the top paragliding spots near Mumbai.

Popular Paragliding Spots Near Mumbai

If this city is too congested to spread your wings then don’t worry. There are loads of amazing paragliding spots available in and around this glamour town to take care of your desire.

Here is a list of the top Paragliding Spots Near Mumbai

Paragliding in Kamshet

paragliding in kamshet

Embark on the adventure journey with the paragliding expedition in Kamshet. A little away from Lonavala, this place is the heaven for flying enthusiast. You can travel either from Mumbai that is 110 kms away and Pune that is 45 kms away from Kamshet.

The place overlooks Sahyadri Ranges and valleys. A feeling of euphoria, a joy of conquering the sky, and an adrenalin rush, you can expect to experience all that while paragliding in Kamshet. You will be guided by the experienced and certified pilots and trainers to make sure you reap the whole joy of the adventure. It is one of the best paragliding spots near Mumbai.

Paragliding in Lonavala

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Expand your horizons as you paraglide in the clear sky of Lonavala. Known as a weekend destination for people living in the nearby cities, this place is famous among the paragliders. You can book your adventure trip of Paragliding looking down the beautiful valley and mountains and spend your night in a cosy camp amidst the nature.

The prices start from 2500 and off-season discounts are also on the way if you book on time. Three types of Paragliding experiences are here in the offering, Classic, instructional and Acro tandem. Take the lesson as per your experience and have fun.

Paragliding in Pawna

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A combination of paragliding expedition and camping by the lake, the expedition in Pavana can be memorable experience for the lifetime. 21kms away from Lonavala, this place is blessed with extreme natural beauty ready to be explored. Price starting from around Rs.2600, this journey can be pre-booked online.

Be ready for an extraordinary flight with a certified pilot who would guide and safeguard you. You can experience tandem paragliding here where the pilot will do the work and you can experience the breeze touching your hair and look at the scenery beneath your feet. The journey of 8 to 10 minutes will be the best minutes spent of your life.

Paragliding in Panchgani

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Panchgani is considered as the sacred destination by the paragliders owing to the number of opportunities and the breath-taking views it offers. The best time to do paragliding is from November to February. The three most favourite spots for the paragliders are Bhilar, Khinger and Tapola.

Both solo and tandem (With Pilot) paragliding options are available in Panchgani which makes it so special. Take a whole day lesson with an instructor and you are ready to sail on the clouds keeping the valley under your feet. This is something you shall do once in the lifetime for sure in order to experience the thrill it has to offer. I would highly recommend to add Panchgani in your list of top paragliding spots near Mumbai.

Paragliding in Matheran

paragliding spots near mumbai - matheran

The beautiful hill station of Matheran is just 84kms away from Mumbai. It’s not only one of the most beautiful and closest hill stations from Mumbai, it is also the hub of Paragliding. People from all over the country come to this place to enjoy the scenic beauty littering from the sky high.

The adrenalin pumping adventure that makes you jump from the top of the hill leaving behind all your aversions and fear cannot be less rewarding than life itself. As your feet loses the ground beneath, you experience a form of ecstasy and freedom you can never compare with anything else.

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