9 Popular Places To Visit in Mapusa, Goa

places to visit in mapusa - jerome church

There is no place better than Goa to plan an impeccably refreshing beach vacation in India. This place is known for its gorgeous beaches, gushing waterfalls, enticing water activities and an intoxicating party vide in the air. But Goa is much more than sun, sand and sea. Here, I have covered the most popular places to visit in Mapusa, Goa.

Best Places To Visit in Mapusa, Goa

If you are in North Goa, then spend a few days in Mapusa, the buzzing commercial hub of Goa. Settled around Mount Alto, this place offers easy accessibility to a hoard of North Goa beaches. Mapusa showcases some stunning architectural and historical edifices and here we are mentioning a few of them that you should never miss.

Here is a list of the most popular places to visit in Mapusa, Goa

Sri Dev Bodgeshwar Sansthan

places to visit in mapusa goa

Sitting on the outskirts of the town, Sri Dev Bodgeshwar Sansthan is one of the most eminent religious places in and around Mapusa. This place is also known as the shrine of Bodgeshwar Baba or Bodgini. This shrine is dedicated to ‘Angavani’ who is believed to fulfil one’s desires when they are made with a pure heart and true dedication.

During the months of December or January, this place gets all decked up for an annual fair called “Zatra” and to experience the vibrancy of local culture and heritage, it is best to pay a visit to Sri Dev Bodgeshwar Sansthan during the fair.

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St. Jerome Church

places to visit in mapusa - jerome church

Being one of the most prominent Portuguese colony from Asia, Goa is the home to several beautiful churches. St. Jerome Church is surely one of them. This church was originally built in the 16th century which makes it more than 400 years old.

The present structure was erected on the ruins of an earlier pagoda styled monastery. This church is also known as the Church of Our Lady of Miracles. St. Jerome Church earned its matchless popularity because of a 3-day long feast of Our Lady of Miracles that comes on the second Monday after Easter.

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Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach Goa

Goa is incomplete without its beaches and so it is for Mapusa. Vagator is one of the most scenic and celebrated beaches in Goa and it is positioned just opposite side of the Chapora River. This beach is a hot favourite tourist destination among foreign travellers as it allows them to enjoy a hippy lifestyle here.

When you are looking for a laidback beach holiday in Goa, Vagator can serve your purpose effortlessly. The shoreline of this beach is lined with some amazing red cliffs. You can have spectacular views of this beach from the top of the Chapora Fort. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Mapusa.

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Mapusa Friday Bazar

Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar

Another thing that makes Mapusa famous is its shopping scenario. Mapusa Friday Bazar is the undisputed favourite shopping destination both amongst locals and travellers. this overcrowded market with chirpy sounds and colourful collections is something that no one will wish to miss. This Friday market opens at 8 in the morning and goes on full swing till 2 at noon.

This market offers every sort of shopping under one roof and you will literally get impressed with the variety of items it offers you to shop for. Mapusa Friday Bazar will make you realize what ‘shop till you drop’ actually means.

Sri Kalika Temple

places to visit in mapusa - kalika temple

Goa is known for its peaceful religious coexistence and Mapusa is not an exception to this. Sitting at the outskirts of the town, Sri Kalika Temple is a prominent Hindu shrine in Mapusa. As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to Maa Kali who is worshipped here as Mahamaya avatar.

In this temple, the Goddess is worshipped by the copper-smiths of the village. This temple is an epitome of delicate and skilful Goan architecture. Copper Kalash (pot) places at top of the dome gives this structure a different and unique appearance unlike other religious places in Goa.

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Ozran Beach

places to visit in mapusa - ozran beach

At a distance of 8 kilometres from Mapusa lies the Ozran Beach. This serene beach is one of the finest beaches from North Goa. Ozran is basically an extension of the famous Vagator Beach. This place is highly appreciated by travellers and tourists for its gorgeous backdrop.

Rocky terrains of this beach impose a sponge-like appearance. You can spot water bubbles coming out of porous rocks giving an illusion of lava erupting volcanoes. This beach is a paradise to water-sport enthusiasts. If your wild side wants to get wilder, head for Ozran Beach.

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Archaeological Museum

places to visit in mapusa - Archaeological Museum

Goa was an erstwhile Portuguese colony for centuries. Therefore, everything here comes with a touch of colonial charm. If you are willing to know more about Goa and its colonial era, Archaeological Museum Goa is waiting for you.

Located at the backside of the Convent and Church of St. Francis of Assisi, this museum is a stunning architectural marvel near Mapusa. Broadly divided in eight galleries, this museum is a massive treasure trove of portraits, stamps, artefacts and other ancient items. Archaeological Museum Goa remains open from 10.00 am to 5.00pm on all days except Friday and public holidays. It is one of the best places to visit in Mapusa for history lovers.

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Sai Baba Temple

sai baba temple

When you have enough of sun, sea and sand; it is time to find your solace in divinity. Sai Baba Temple in Mapusa is certainly a place that caters your need for peace and self-exploration. This temple is comparatively a new structure in the face of Mapusa.

Dedicated to the Great Saint of Shirdi Sai Baba, the shrine flaunts modern but splendid architecture with grand and magnificent halls. Perched at a small hill-top, Sai Baba Temple is located on the Mapusa-Anjuna Road. Not just the followers of Sai Baba but everyone visit this place to offer their prayers and spend a few hours in complete tranquillity.

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Maruti Temple

maruti temple goa

Another eminent Hindu temple in Mapusa is the Maruti Temple. Located at the heart of the town, this temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Back in 1843, when Ramdasibuva came to Mapusa with a silver idol of Hanuman Ji, it was decided to build the temple to offer Lord Maruti (Hanuman Ji) a heavenly abode.

The temple was constructed in different phases resulting in several stages with a grand entrance in South. This wonderful temple is an excellent architectural piece that you can witness in Mapusa.

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