Pandavkada Falls Timings, Things To Do And More

pandavkada falls overview

A complete guide to Pandavkada Falls – Travelling is the most beautiful and energizing thing that helps you escape the monotonous life that you have been living in. It helps you get rid of the anxiety, stress, and dilemmas of daily lives. Travelling not only helps you explore new places but also takes you a step closer to nature, mythology, and history.

It is highly recommended that you take a pause from your life and get going for a trip that will relish your body and relax your soul. Nature is the perfect place to soothe your mind and body and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

An Overview of Pandavkada Falls

pandavkada falls overview

Located at a distance of 31.4 km from Mumbai, the Pandavkada Falls is situated in the Kharghar town of Navi Mumbai and takes about an hour to reach. It is a natural waterfall that is about 107 meters in height and pours a massive amount of water on the rocks and boulders located under.

It is a mesmerizing view to witness the downpour of the water from such an extravagant height. The place derives its name from the Pandavas. It is believed that when the Pandavas were in exile, they visited this place and took a bath here. There is a tunnel inside the waterfall which is believed to have helped them while passing this place.

With the green scenic beauty and the magnificent waterfall, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a wonderful place to relinquish your thirst for travelling.

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Things to Do at Pandavkada Falls

things to do at pandavkada falls

Pandavkada Falls is situated in the lap of the green mountain. To reach this waterfall, you have to first pass through a Gurudwara, located on the main road. If you want, you can visit the Gurudwara and say a short prayer. After this, visitors have to do a short trek and reach the falls. The whole view is the perfect example of mesmerizing natural beauty and will impress everyone.

After you reach the waterfall, make sure you have good slippers, explore the place. The water drops at a very high force on the pool and it creates a beautiful view. Feel free to experience the magnificent beauty of the caves, the green mountain, and the waterfall.

Offering a picture-perfect view, click as many photos as you want and capture the memories that you create here. There is another waterfall, called the Nangrya Waterfall located nearby which you can explore.

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Best Time to Visit Pandavkada Falls

The best time to visit any waterfall is during monsoons when the water flow is at its fullest and the view of the fall is mesmerizing. However, if you are planning to visit Pandavkada Falls in monsoon, you must remember that you are not allowed to enter the place as it becomes very dangerous.

Thus, the best time to visit this fall is during winter, January to March and late monsoons, when the temperature remains pleasant and you can enjoy the place to the fullest.

Try to avoid visiting the Pandavkada Falls during summer because the water flow becomes very thin and the water stays cloudy and muddy.

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Pandavkada Falls Timing

pandavkada falls timings

Pandavkada waterfall remains open from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM every day. You can visit this place during this time and spend as much time as you can here. You can take a small bath in the fresh waters and trek through the mountain and click as many photos as you want without any restrictions.

You must keep in mind that the pool is very dangerous and the rocks are very slippery due to the constant downpour of water on them. So always think of your safety first and wear non-slippery shoes. Keep away from the fall as much as you can and enjoy the beauty of nature, maintaining a safe distance.

The fall remains impregnable for visitors during the monsoon as the water flow reaches the full volume and it becomes very dangerous and wild.

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Places to Visit Near Pandavkada Falls

There are many places located nearby to the Pandavkada Falls that are greatly visited by tourists and can be completed on the same trip.

Elephanta Caves

elephanta caves architecture

Located at just an hour distance, the Elephanta Caves are a great tourist spot and a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a series of caves that have numerous sculptures and carvings on them which are mostly dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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Karnala Fort

karnala fort architecture

Situated at a distance of merely 27.5 km, the Karnala Fort can also be visited during your trip to Pandavkada Falls. It is of great mythological importance as it was constructed in 1400 by the Yadavas.

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Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Lonavala

This sanctuary is located within the Karnala Fort and is a popular tourist sight. Though it is a small sanctuary, it houses nearly about 222 species of birds among which some are residents, some are migrants, some vagrant, and some breeding migrants.

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How to Reach Pandavkada Falls from Kharghar Station

Pandavkada Waterfalls is just 6.6 km away from the Kharghar Railway Station. There are many rickshaws available at the station which you can board to reach the destination.

You can sometimes find taxis too that will give you a drop at the waterfalls.

If you are coming on a car then it is a straight ride on the road and you can easily park your vehicle on the parking spots near the Gurudwara on the main road.

How Far is Pandavkada from Kharghar Station

Pandavkada Waterfalls is located merely 6.6 km away from the nearby Kharghar Station. Kharghar Station is well-connected to Mumbai Station which has frequent trains running to this destination.

Mumbai Railway Station also connects via rail to nearly all of the railway stations of the country, thus making Pandavkada Waterfalls accessible to everyone.

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