10 Unexplored Places Near Mussoorie That You Must Visit

Mossy Falls unexplored places near mussoorie

Popularly known as the Queen of Hills, Mussourie is one of the breathtaking destinations in the state of Uttarakhand lying at a towering height of 6150 feet above sea level. The destination has a magical scenic beauty covered with the dense Pine forests, snow-covered Himalayan ranges, foaming waterfalls and offering spectacular views of the Doon valley. Today, instead of covering the most popular places, I’ll be talking about the best unexplored places near Mussoorie.

While there are plenty of tourist destinations in Mussourie like Kempty Falls, Lal Tibba, Cloud’s End, camels’ back Road and many more which are highly popular among tourists, there are few unpopular gems that are equally beautiful. So let’s have a look at the most unexplored tourist destinations of Mussourie that are a must-visit destination in your trip.

Top Unexplored Places Near Mussoorie

Here’s the list of 10 best unexplored places near Mussoorie that will make your trip magical and adventurous.

Best Unexplored Places Near Mussoorie (Waterfalls)

Jharipani Falls (7 Km from Mussoorie)

Jharipani Falls near mussoorie

The mesmerizing waterfall is situated at 7 kms from Mussourie close to Jharipani Village area. The destination is breathtakingly beautiful and also a pure love to the adventure enthusiasts. The waterfall location has a driveway up to a certain point after which it needs to be reached followed 1.5 km adventurous trekking.

The scenic beauty of the surrounding Shivalik ranges add a charismatic aura to the location and to ice it up more is the soothing waterfall sound which can be heard from a point as soon as you approach closer to the destination. The waterfall sight will leave you spellbound having the fierce blooming queen gushing vigorously down the Shivalik ranges surrounded by wildflowers and scrubs on one side while the other side gives you spectacular views of Doon Valley.

It is an amazing location for taking photographs and also for having family picnics amidst the beauty of nature. The waterfall’s beauty can be visualized at its best just after the monsoon ends.

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Mossy Falls (6 Km from Mussoorie)

Mossy Falls unexplored places near mussoorie

This is a must visit waterfall located at 7kms from Mussourie at Bala Hisar Road. The waterfall due to its green mossy surroundings has got its name and is divided into 6 sections having different views from respective locations. The waterfall cascades from a towering height of 145 ft like a water slide having different heights in 6 different sections.

This is not the kind of waterfall that can be viewed from the nearest point or highways, it is like a hidden gem tucked between the woods, mountains, and mossy hills like a secret mysterious beauty. It is one of the best unexplored places near Mussoorie.

The first three cascades of the waterfall are quite prominent as you reach the destination while the fourth one can be spotted on one side and the last two are the secret ones which need to be viewed by crossing several bushes and small water streams to reach the baseline. The destination offers spine tickling thrills for the adventure lovers and also for the nature admirers.

Bhatta Falls (11 Km from Mussoorie)

Bhatta Falls near mussoorie

It is a beautiful waterfall located in the Bhatta Village near Mussourie and comes in the way from Mussourie to Dehradun. The waterfall serves as a visual treat to all visitors gushing all the way down from the mountain holes like a foaming beauty into a pool.

The waterfall has its driveway up to the parking area and from there, the visitors need to trek for about 500 to 700 meters amidst the lush green surroundings to reach the magical beauty. The waterfall has a height of 30 meters which is a small one and can be enjoyed to the core by having a shower on the pool or just relaxing dipping feet in the cold water and admiring the foaming beauty.

The destination is not that popular among the tourist but is literally a small paradise for the hikers and trekkers and also the best place to rejuvenate in the natural surroundings. The location is also a gorgeous picnic spot having unspoiled landscapes.

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Beautiful Unexplored Places Near Mussoorie for Nature Lovers

Lake Mist (11 Km from Mussoorie)

Lake Mist near mussoorie

If you want to take a break from the busy city life for a few days and relax amidst the natural surroundings, this emerald green lake is the ideal destination. It is a very important tourist attraction of Mussourie covered by the vibrant green dense forests on all sides.

The emerald color of the lake water sparkles brilliantly in the green surroundings which make the location an enchanting beauty. You can go for boating across the lake, relax and admire its beauty or take a casual stroll in its picturesque bank.

The ambiance of this place is extremely calm and serene as it features in the way of Kempty Falls which takes more than half of the tourist crowd and hence the Lake area serves as the best place to spend some quality time with your loved ones and click some gorgeous photographs of the emerald beauty. It is a must-visit site for every tourist in their way to Kempty falls.

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary (7 Km from Mussoorie)

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

It is an important wildlife attraction in Mussourie situated at 11kms from Library Point. The sanctuary houses some of the unique and rare wildlife species covering a significant portion of famous Rajaji National Park in Mussourie.

The sanctuary has a gorgeous scenic beauty giving mesmerizing views of the Chaukhamba and Bandarpuch snow covered mountains in the backdrop while the area is covered with dense forest resting on the pine slopes accompanied by Aglar River acing the beauty of the area.

It houses different types of plant species, herbs and medicinal plants along with wildlife. It is an excellent attraction for the bird watchers as the sanctuary houses different rare bird species among which White Capped Water Redstart, Red Billed Blue magpie, and Mountain quails are the prime attraction.

The most prominent wildlife species of this sanctuary are- Himalayan Goat, Panther, Leopard, Bear, Deers etc. It is a famous tourist attraction in Mussourie and also excellent for forest trekking. It is one of the best unexplored places near Mussoorie for wildlife enthusiasts.

Happy Valley (3 Km from Mussoorie)

Happy Valley near mussoorie

Happy Valley is a well-known area of Mussourie dominated by the Tibetian community. It is situated at a distance of 2.5 km from the library Bust Stand of Mussourie. This is the location where the 14th Dalai Lama used to stay as a refugee followed by his plenty of disciples.

The location due to this reason is strongly influenced by Buddhism and hence houses Tibetian community people or in other words, can be called the mini Tibet of Mussourie. The destination is named as such due to its lively ambiance and has their grand celebration the 10th of December every year to pay a tribute to the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the 14th Dalai Lama in 1989.

The town looks absolutely beautiful surrounded by greeneries and houses the Shedup Choephelling Temple at the hilltop which is the prime attraction of the location. The temple holds the 1st Tibetian Shrine and has high religious importance in Buddhism.

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Amazing Unexplored Places Near Mussoorie for Adventure Seekers

Mussoorie Adventure Park (2 Km from Mussoorie)

Mussoorie Adventure Park

This is an adventure paradise for enthusiasts in the beautiful city of Mussourie. It is situated at 21kms from Library Bus stand in Mussourie. The park was created back in 2003 and consists of fun frolic adventure activities for young groups guided by expert professionals and staffs.

There are different types of spine thrilling activities to try for like valley crossing, rock climbing, sky riding, trekking, rappelling, parallel rope, zip line etc. The park operates under the supervision of Real Adventure Sports Company and has tight security for the adventure tasks in the form of safety cables and other security measures eliminating the chances of facing an accident or falling.

There is also a separate snow zone in the park for skiing and other fun snow activities. The park has an amazing scenic beauty surrounded by the alpine mountains and intercepted by the pine, deodar and oak trees giving panoramic views of Himalayas in the background. It is one of the best unexplored places near Mussoorie for adventure lovers.

Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve (8 Km from Mussoorie)

Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve

It is the first private sanctuary in the states of Uttarakhand located at distance of 15kms from Mussourie in the way from Mussourie to Dhanaulti. The sanctuary consists features both walking and hiking trails offering mesmerizing scenic beauty and variety of flora and fauna on the way.

The location holds unique beauty in each season. While the summers offer you shelter from the scorching heat filled with the aroma of pine and cedar, the monsoon serves a visual treat with blooming wildflowers, water bodies, ferns, and mushrooms. Autumn amazes your with the colorful trees and fallen leaves while winters amaze you with the snow-covered mountain views and clear skies.

The most prominent wildlife species of this region are leopard cats, mammals, Himalayan griffon, gorals etc. It is a wonderful wildlife destination for all types of visitors like adventure enthusiasts, nature admirers, wildlife lovers as well as professional photographers. The wildlife reserve ranks among the most popular tourist attractions in Mussourie.

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Religious Unexplored Places Near Mussoorie

Bhadraj Temple (9 Km from Mussoorie)

Bhadraj Temple near mussoorie

This is among the best trekking destination in Mussourie located at 18.5kms from Mussourie Library Bus Stand in the Bhadraj region. The temple is the abode of Lord Bal Bhadra and also famous for its Bhadra Fair organized during 15th to 17th August. The destination due to its major religious importance is visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year who worship the idol by offering milk and butter.

Also due to its strategic location at the mountain peak, the temple offers picturesque views of Chakra Ranges, Doon Valley, and Janusar Bawar region. The temple has a vibrant ambiance which encourages the visitors to enjoy a solid trekking experience of the 3km route from the base of the Dudhli village to the peak at the temple.

Trekkers can also take the 11km route to the temple from Clouds End going through the Dudhli village. The best time to cherish is place is after the monsoon season.

Tibetan Buddhist Temple (3 Km from Mussoorie)

Tibetan Buddhist Temple mussoorie

The temple is an important tourist attraction Mussourie situated in the Happy Valley. The temple is also famous as Shedup Buddhist Temple among the tourists and has a vibrant colorful beauty situated at the hilltop. The temple is a glorifying example of Tibetian architecture having intricate carvings and paintings in its ceilings, walls and other interior parts.

The temple features a beautiful prayer hall having a calm and serene environment for gaining ultimate peace and the Prayer Wheels which have high importance in the Buddhist religion. The wheels are meant for spreading blessing of Lord Buddha and hence spinning them is considered auspicious in the form of blessings.

The prayer wheels are carved with the Buddhist Mantra chanting of which gives immense peace to the mind and soul. Besides, the temple also houses numerous idols of Lord Buddha which makes the place extremely divine in the charismatic background of the Himalayas. It is an extremely soulful attraction for all visitors.

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