15 Best Weekend Resorts Near Delhi – Take a Break From The Everyday Life!


Tired of your day to day life and hectic schedules? Are you looking for weekend resorts near Delhi to rejuvenate yourself? When you feel like you’re stuck in your daily life or you’re yearning for something different and exciting. When you are craving for some time to relax, Traveling is the best option as it helps you get you out from the boring routine and pushes you off your limits and you will discover how resourceful you are when you travel to new places, meet new people and get some thrilling experience.

You are more likely to feel refreshed when you finish your vacations. Overcoming new challenges and experiences will bring you confidence and a lot of energy for future.

So here are some of the perfect weekend resorts near Delhi where one can go to get some peace of mind:-


SURJIVAN RESORT - weekend resorts near Delhi

The Surjivan resort is located at a distance of 29 kilometers from Delhi, it is about a one hour drive from Delhi. Away from the noise of city life, lies this serene green island which is one of the best options for a weekend getaway for a couple or even a family outing. The resort has a lot to offer to its customers and it is sure that every aspect of it will be fully enjoyed by the guest.

When you have a reason to celebrate you may as well consider spending some fun time with your loved ones in the Surjivan resort as they always have an arrangement for parties and they also provide some really delicious food to enhance the occasion. If you want to experience what it feels like to be in the lap of nature away from the over-populated city, this place shall definitely be there in your list of best weekend resorts near Delhi.



Would you like to know how the place used to look like before the modern building of tall infrastructures began? Well, one of the best visits for a travel back in time could be to the Heritage village resort & spa in Manesar. With vast stretches of lush green lawns, this resort gives a beautiful and relaxing experience to all its visitors.

This resort is truly a piece of art and is a delightful experience for everyone. This heritage style hotel is also the recipient of the “National Tourism Award” by the government of India. You will enjoy every moment of your stay in the Heritage Village resort & spa, as it provides some really luxurious rooms and also multiple restaurants that suit taste buds of all kinds. Both international and Indian cuisines are available in the restaurants of this heritage resort.

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Away from the congestion of the country capital, there is a splendid resort which is about 45 mins drive from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The fact that differentiates this resort from the others is that it has a vast stretch of yellow mustard fields. It’s an absolutely stunning view! Perfect place for some photography.

The Best Western Resort Country Club is located near Manesar, in Gurgaon and is the perfect weekend getaway destination if you belong to Delhi. This resort provides a lot of facilities other than just some spacious and luxurious rooms; they also have a conference room and offer other outdoor activities such as Volleyball, Badminton, and a fishing lake.

Did you know the Best Western resort country club is the only resort that has a fully fledged cricket ground in Delhi? You can easily expect to get a high-quality service as they are an expert in the field of hospitality.

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Just as the name suggests this resort is fit to be a part of every nature lover’s bucket list. One can definitely rejoice in the lap of nature while spending some time in the Botanix Nature Resort, it is famous for its fun activities and with its tagline “experience the pleasure of nature” it does justice to every aspect of their tagline.

Being a part of the Botanix Adventure camp your mind, body, and soul will definitely feel refreshed. This resort is a green park which approximately measures around 30 acres and is completely dedicated to nature. It is a perfect example of beauty and great work done by the architects.

The guest can experience great comfort, spend some time to de-stress, and get rid of the everyday tension of life. So when you need a break, the Botanix Nature Resort near Delhi is where you should be!

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KARMA LAKELANDS resort near Delhi

There are very few places where you can go and do other things besides sleeping in comfortable 5-star rooms and have a five-star meal, the Karma Lakelands is just among those few resorts that provide you with additional facilities and other activities that can be done in a weekend.

So here is a glimpse of a day at the Karma Lakelands, you can go cycling or even run in the vast green stretches of land, there is a nursery and kitchen garden for all the ones who enjoy such things, you can go bird watching and there is also an animal pet farm, where you can spend some time with these lovable creatures.

The Karma Lakelands is one of the perfect weekend resorts near Delhi for all those who love flora and fauna. After spending a fruitful day doing these various activities, you will feel energized for your Monday schedule.


THE LALIT MANGAR resort near delhi

With the growing competition in the world, it is very rare that one may take an off from work. So when you finally decide to take a break, you will obviously want to do everything that can’t be done in the day to day life. Once you go for a weekend getaway it is always preferred that you make the most out of it.

The Lalit Mangar is one of the top hotels nestled in the region of Faridabad and offers luxury in the finest manner, to all its worthy guests. It is an ideal weekend getaway destination and the fact that sets them apart from the others is that they support and welcome all kinds of people.

There is no biasness of gender, caste or religion. They are also a supporter of the LGBT community and the acid attack victims. They treat all their customers equally and keep customer satisfaction as their top-most priorities.



A true inspiration of nature, The Taj Gateway Resort Damdama Lake is exquisitely hand-crafted with love and blessed by nature. A stay in this resort is one of the most relaxing experiences one can ever have during their lifetime. The calmness and serenity of the lake in Damdama is the star attraction of this resort, located at a distance of only 45 minutes from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and is a must visit for all those who are looking for a leisure trip.

So in the world where everything is becoming restricted to technology and digitalization is taking over nature, take some time out and listen to the symphony of birds chirping merrily instead of the rock or metallic music these days, while having a walk in the lush green stretches of land instead of the concrete footpaths created by mankind and rediscover the soul within. This place should definitely be in your list of best weekend resorts near Delhi.



Do you know where to find all the elements of nature served to you in a platter? Yes! The Westin Sohna Resort it is. Once can experience peace, tranquility, serenity, and rejuvenation all at once in a weekend getaway at the Westin Sohna Resort. This magnificent resort will leave you awestruck, and your stay is sure to be one of the best experiences of your life.

They have a room that match your comfort and luxury levels and is nothing but a stress buster in life. They have four categories of rooms called the Premier room, the premier villa, the luxury villa, and the presidential villa. You can choose to stay in any one of them as per your liking and availability.

They also have a range of exciting offers during a year such as spa offers, wedding offers, and seasonal offers, so if you don’t want to pinch your pocket too much it is recommended that you visit during such offer periods.



Indulge yourself into the medieval times and pack your bags for the perfect weekend getaway to the Neemrana Fort Palace from Delhi. This property is the proud heritage of the rich Indian culture and royalty. They have preserved the authentic beauty of the historical era and are a great option for an escape from the city life.

The hospitality that is offered in the Neemrana Fort Palace is one of a kind and will never fail to make you feel like a royal highness. The property is so large that to explore it from every aspect would really require some physical stamina. Every nook and corner of this royal palace is a delight to look at. I would highly recommend to add this place in your list of best weekend resorts near Delhi.

The place is a total retreat for those who are in the search for some peaceful and leisure time away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Its uniqueness lies in the wide range of activities like camel rides and vintage car rides that only they have to offer.

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An epitome of the rich heritage property, the Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara, will give you an exact picture of how life at palaces feels like. Laxmi Vilas is the perfect blend of royalty and modern art. Due to its elegant aura, this place has become one of the most favourite resorts near Delhi for a weekend getaway.

Their rooms are huge in size and also have the modern amenities along with an attached bathroom. It is the perfect opportunity of having a comfortable and relaxing weekend after the entire week of hard work. You can go there with your family and have fun along the poolside, or even just go with your life partner and spend some quality time alone.



Place yourself in the lap of nature and have an experience like never before. This unique concept of a tree house resort is bound to leave you speechless. It breaks you away from the chaos and noise of city life and is the best getaway destination near Delhi. You can have the best of wine & dine experience with your loved one at the Peacock bar, which is a 400-year-old Mughal inspired wooden bar where you can savour some delicious wine and at Machaan, The tree house restaurant.

It’s not only the food but the ambience as well that you will fall in love with. What could be better than dining at such an exotic location with your loved ones? There is also a water house resort that you will thoroughly enjoy! It’s one of the perfect weekend resorts near Delhi for all nature lovers.



A successful trip is not about the number of days you spend visiting different places but the number of memories you create while being at those places. The Camp Aqua forest is one such place that will give you thousands of memory to carry back with you. The friendly staff at the Camp aqua forest in Rishikesh ensure that your stay with them is up to the mark and comfortable.

This place proudly boasts about giving you a luxurious accommodation while being so close to nature. The Camp Aqua Forest promises to give you an experienced that will be engraved in your memory forever!



Everyone deserves a day off after an entire week of hard work. So bless yourself with a visit to India’s first private forest retreat. Amidst the heartwarming state of Punjab, there is a beautiful forest retreat called the Kikar Lodge which offers a unique fusion of adventure and comfort. It is again, one of the best weekend resorts near Delhi to enjoy a good family outing amidst nature.

So for all those who are an adventure enthusiast as well as a leisure seeker, this is your place to be! After a hectic yet fun day of performing adventure activity, the only thing that our body demands is some time for relaxation, the best place where you can bless yourself with this opportunity is the Kikar Lodge Natural retreat. Over the years this place has become one of the famous and most loved destinations for a weekend getaway.

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A resort that is inspired by the lively and vibrant culture of Rajasthan, Chokhi Dhani Resort is the ideal place that can make you get rid of the everyday tension and engross you into a world of delight. This place is the perfect fit for a family outing and is one of the best weekend resorts near Delhi for a fun outing. It is a great excuse for you to have some great time, after the long week of busy life.

Being at the Chokhi Dhani Resort can really enlighten your mood, and relax your body and mind. The effervescent tradition and culture of Rajasthan will occupy your mind and fill you with nothing but happiness. The courteous staff at the reception will welcome you and make you feel like there is definitely an importance of your existence.

At Chokhi Dhani Resort you can easily get the entire picture of how life at Rajasthan is. The taste of the delicious food cooked with pure love, may escape your taste buds but never your memory.



Aravali Resort is definitely a gift for all those who live in the capital city, as it provides you a day off from the chaos and noise of city life. It is a beautiful drive from the national highway 8 which is a duration of 1 hour. There are a lot of things that make this place an ideal place for a weekend getaway; the friendly and responsible staff will definitely win your heart.

The food and beverages are a total thumbs-up, you can even have fresh beer from the brewery at The Aravali downtown. Sometimes a weekend getaway can prove to be even more memorable than a full-fledged vacation; this is possible when you chose the correct location. The Aravali Resorts is definitely one of them.

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